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Ridgewood Central Business District will Offer 15-minute complimentary parking spaces

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Beginning on November 9th, the Central Business District will have several 15-minute complimentary parking spaces on Oak Street, Chestnut Street, North Broad Street, off of East Ridgewood Avenue, and Wilsey Square on the west side.  These parking spaces are limited to 15 minutes only, are free of charge to everyone, and are to be used to do a quick errand or pick up food or visit a business.  These spaces have been generously sponsored by several local businesses and Ridgewood residents, which are acknowledged on the 15-minute parking signs. Please be advised that if you are parked in these spaces longer than 15 minutes, you may receive a parking summons. We encourage you to stay longer in the Central Business District by parking in one of our many lots or the Hudson Street parking garage (at $1/hour), and there is also on-street parking available (at $1.25/hour).

2 thoughts on “Ridgewood Central Business District will Offer 15-minute complimentary parking spaces

  1. Oh.
    So they are finally relaizing that people can shop elsewhere and not be harrased, ripped off and have their personal information collected and tracked for the privledge of parking in Ridgewood.

  2. glad there are rich people in town that can keep contributing to everything Paul and JJ come up with regarding the revitalization of the CBD

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