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Ridgewood Historic Consultant Contract Comes Under Fire , Mayor Claims He Knows Nothing


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Ridgewood NJ, on Wednesday September 6 at the Village Council Workshop, Councilwoman Lorraine Reynolds expressed her concerns that Peter Primavera’s contract is being extended (more $$$).  She mentioned the myriad contradictions on his resume that have been brought forth by residents who investigated the seemingly fictitious claims on his “resume.”  To this, Mayor Vagianos responded, “…I don’t know anything about that allegation.”  Seriously.

He knows nothing about this?  Even though residents spoke on and on and on at meeting after meeting after meeting.  Even though residents sent email after email after email with documentation of his resume inconsistencies.  It seems the Mayor was never listening and never read any of the emails – otherwise how could he say the he does not know anything about this?  Oh, and the icing on the cake, at the end of the meeting Vagianos gave an impassioned statement about how he had listened to everything that people had said and he all but had tears in his eyes as he explained how resident input matters so much.

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38 thoughts on “Ridgewood Historic Consultant Contract Comes Under Fire , Mayor Claims He Knows Nothing

  1. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    1. That was childish friend

  2. Plausible deniability.

    1. Conscious denial.

      He already said he understands.

  3. God bless Lorraine…

  4. It just keeps on getting better doesn’t it. All these political projects biting the village in the ass. How much more money is the village going to dump into the site? When will it end. Never come because guess what the village will have to do the maintenance on everything.

  5. He has the details. Trust me

  6. Look at the end of the day, we know what Paul is. He is a liar, he is unethica, slimy and thinks Ridgewood is a game of Monopoly and he wants to win at all costs (mostly not his). He doesn’t mind or care about getting called out. He is going to stick with this story, like other politicians of his caliber, and he will go down with the ship and ruin Ridgewood and he will likely or unfortunately get away with it. If you listen carefully to most of what he says, he has lied time and time again. He honestly believes that the residents of Ridgewood are stupid or won’t see things through to completion. This is why he needs to be recalled. Let’s see where the $4 Million dollars went for Feed the Frontlines. RECALL PAUL NOW!

    1. Is that being looked into? I sure hope so

  7. Vag is utterly nutterly.

  8. Lets go to the video tape

  9. He is such a horrible person.

    1. Horrible is letting him off easy, he’s a POS

  10. Tears ? Really Pee Wee you could care less about the residents of Ridgewood, the tears should be that this will certainly catch up with you and your lies. Your a self centered bully that is all you are

  11. Narcissists believe deeply in their own humanity and intelligence and wit and general worth.

    Everybody else knows the truth.

  12. Paul Vagianos is the worst possible type of politician. He is deplorable

  13. I never trust any of them. Never ever.

  14. This is Paul to a T. Machiavellianism is a political theory or view which supports the use of any means necessary to maintain political power. It is also a personality trait centered on manipulativeness, callousness, and indifference to morality. Machiavellianism displays a pessimistic view of human nature and promotes unethical and opportunistic ways of manipulating the population of a country (or a Village).

  15. There is video tape where residents specifically address the many inconsistencies with Mr. Primavera’s record and resume. Facts were checked along with references. Lorraine confirmed that most of the things that this consultant said he worked on were not true. Paul heard this first hand. Paul doesn’t care and goes around town saying that if he gets his field then he could care less about the shady consultant’s background, which is why no further due diligence will be done. Pam as an attorney should know better. Matt as the village attorney was mumbling something about something which adds up to nothing. But this will come back to bite Ridgewood at some point if details are exposed that further mar this guy’s credentials. If you do a simple google search on his name, you can find a lot of interesting information.

    1. Matt earns a fortune from us and should have been replaced many many years ago.

      1. Matt is a Rubber stamp boy.. He Certainly isn’t a Lawyer

  16. PFAS Paulie a liar? You don’t say! I don’t believe a word he says, including “and” and “the”!

  17. I hope he kept the shovel from the day he was digging dirt over at the Ridgewood Water remediation site with Gottheimer. He may need it someday to dig himself out of the shit storm he is creating.

  18. This is sad state of affairs. Ridgewood Mayor hires his campaign advisor as village manager, and Ridgewood BOE president Lembo hires his girlfriend for a confidential secretary post, without advertising the job!
    Tax payers are busy earning their living and these village leaders are busy spending their hard earned money!!

    1. And why doesn’t the press get a hold of this??

      1. The WRETCHED would gladly report all of this.

        if they were Republicans

    2. And Paul and the shady consultant were communicating through Paul’s personal email. If that isn’t an ethics violation, I don’t know what is. Maybe they needed to keep their scheming secret so it could not be opra’d. Those records should be made public immediately.

    3. And Healthbarn gets millions of dollars from NJ tax payers to benefit that business and certain restaurants in ridgewood. How is that fair to the county and state?

  19. Lembo and Vagianos. Two power crazed insaniacs.

  20. Can’t anyone stop this? Legally can’t he be held accountable for anything? Can’t a legislature, senator, governor. etc put a stop to this? Where are the environmentalists? Where is the state? EPA? Blatantly contaminating water sources… cutting down hundreds of trees?
    There is no way to stop him?

    1. He thinks he is above anything..

    2. Yes, we need to try and also investigate where the $4 million dollars went to for feed the frontlines along with the secret communications between Vagianos and Primavera.

    3. Yes what can be done

  21. There is definitely no doubt in my mind that there is a high level of impropriety going on here. Communicating with the historic consultant via personal email and also using the owner of TapInto as your Facebook page administrator and to write articles in favor of your mayoral reign seem to be extremely inappropriate, no? Authorities should be contacted to investigate both of these violations. Press should be impartial and Jason DeAlessi, who also owns Fuerza strategy group, who managed Paul’s campaign, should not be engaged in media with him as Mayor. It is certainly not a new source I would give credence to given this situation.

  22. The Historic consultant is getting awarded additional monies from Ridgewood and has stated in his new contract that further historical research is not required, however based on his last contract, he didn’t call anyone, only read documents provided to him from Ridgewood that everyone else has read and made almost $7K on that. He will now get paid almost double that and has recommended the firm who will conduct the archeological study, so there is likely some collusion going on here too as this guy doesn’t seem to do anything on the level.

  23. He also lists two resources working on his team of 4, including himself, that are still TBD however the contract was already awarded. How are resources not being vetted propertly. This guy could have a huge margin and hire a temp and lists these resources as being paid $1,250 and $1,500 per day respectively for multiple days. This is outrageous. As no one else on the council is scrutinizing (except for Lorraine who publicly discredited Primavera for grossly misrepresenting his credentials and prior work where he said he was involved in projects that he was not, got negative feedback from resources) and Paul is allowing this guy to do pretty much whatever he wants with Ridgewood tax dollars to the tune of over $11K or more when all is said and done. No one cares? C’mon people!!! Paul cannot lie anymore, this is all on video.

  24. Deputy mayor Pam Perron said he was quirky, but very smart and informative. Jesus Christ. Have they all completely lost their minds? All except for Lorraine Reynolds who seems to be consistently bright.

  25. He is a “Cockwomble”! It is a noun which relates to a person, usually male, prone to making outrageously stupid statements and/or inappropriate behavior while generally having a very high opinion of their own wisdom and importance (he may also suffer from incessant lying and being a narcissist).

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