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Ridgewood Library to Close in the Interest of Public Safety


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In the interest of public and staff safety, the Village of Ridgewood has decided to close the Ridgewood Library to the public effective
9pm on Thursday, March 12.
We will reassess conditions on Friday, March 20.

For updated information, please visit our website and sign up for our electronic newsletter.

Please enjoy our remote digital services—eBooks, eAudiobooksmagazinesmovies and music—while the library is closed.
Click here for one-stop browsing of these services, plus opportunities for FREE remote learning.

Library staff will be available to answer phone calls
today, Friday, March 13, from 9am-5pm.


Please note:
During the closure, you will not be able to place holds.
Also, due dates for any materials currently checked out will automatically
be changed to the day of reopening.

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Library to Close in the Interest of Public Safety

  1. Ridgewood Library to Close in the Interest of Public Safety.

    Can we get this changed to “Ridgewood Library to Close in the Interest of it no longer being relevant”?

  2. YCMA closing for 2 weeks starting tomorrow…

  3. i just got a robo call. what is the purpose of curbside garbage pickup from mar 16-27? All it does is make Ridgewood look like a shit hole… and gives the garbagemen a vacation… since they are paid for ‘task work’ (thanks unions) they get to go home early as soon as they are done and get a full days pay. another dumbing down of ridgewood that does NOT contribute to stopping any media hyped virus. (ill retract that statement if i see them using those extra hours wiping down the public areas with clorox)

  4. You sound like a real stick in your he mud. State of emergency. Everything else to the curb. Not a big deal, are you that lazy. Just worry about cleaning up your house and washing your hands. Don’t forget the recycle. Yes we all love you.

  5. It Sure sounds like your a very troubled person. Let them do there job.

  6. to the idiot posting as ‘”your friendly neighbor”‘. I pay for rear yard pickup. there is NO REASON to put it at the curb unless the garbage collectors are using the remainder of their PAID WORKDAY to work for the town disinfecting public property. While your playing santa clause with MY tax dollars, might as well give the rest of the employees the same ”plum’. work half day get paid for full day… for NO REASON… do us a favor… move back to NYC where you are used to piles of garbage at the curb.. keep your sloppy nyc habits on the other side of the river.

  7. It sounds like you need a nice big stiff drink. Take it easy, at least our Sanitation is being picked up. . So what I had to drag my cans to the curb we have to drag our recycling cans to the curb what’s the difference. Please explain I don’t get it. Let’s have a corona together.

  8. Sanitation must be picked up on the curb for the next two weeks because there will be a limited number of workers because many of the workers have asked for time off to take care of their children who will be home from school.

  9. We pay taxes for schools to be open to. But unfortunately we will have to homeschool our kids. This is all for safety.

  10. Who care about back yard pick up. All cans should be at the curb! People need to stop crying about bull shit .

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