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Ridgewood Mayor Out and About on the Town: “Great Taste, or Less Filling”

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Mayor Paul Vagianos was seen out and about , ditching the pink jacket and opting for plaid. We couldn’t help thinking of the famous lite beers commercials from the seventies staring many sports stars from that era. So mayor what’s it going to be, “Great  Taste, or Less Filling”?


Miller Lite’s “Great Taste, Less Filling” advertising campaign is one of the most successful and enduring in the history of beer marketing. The campaign was first launched in the mid-1970s and has continued to evolve over the years, with many memorable commercials featuring famous athletes, comedians, and other celebrities.

My favorites at the time were with Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner that aired in 1978 , some of the most famous Miller Lite “Great Taste, Less Filling” commercials include:

  1. “Tastes Great, Less Filling” (1974) – This was the original commercial that introduced the slogan to the world. It featured a group of friends arguing over whether they preferred a beer that tasted great or one that was less filling, until they finally realized they could have both with Miller Lite.
  2. “Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus” (1977) – This classic commercial featured NFL stars Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus debating the merits of Miller Lite while playing golf.
  3. “John Madden” (1980s) – This commercial featured football coach and commentator John Madden talking about the great taste of Miller Lite while using a telestrator to draw diagrams of the beer’s bubbles.
  4. “Bob Uecker” (1980s) – This popular series of commercials featured comedian and actor Bob Uecker as a hapless announcer who always found himself in humorous situations while trying to promote Miller Lite.
  5. “Vortex Bottle” (2000s) – This commercial introduced the Miller Lite Vortex Bottle, which featured a unique design that was supposed to enhance the beer’s flavor. The ad featured a group of friends marveling at the bottle’s ability to create a “taste tornado.”

These are just a few examples of the many memorable Miller Lite “Great Taste, Less Filling” commercials that have aired over the years. The campaign has been so successful that the slogan and logo are still in use today, more than 40 years after they were first introduced.

12 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor Out and About on the Town: “Great Taste, or Less Filling”

  1. I’d say “less taste” between the pink and plaid jackets.

  2. Pee Wee’s Great Adventure!

  3. Such an A$$

  4. This article is nothing but trash!

    1. It’s like teenagers cyberbullying, but it’s angry retirees.

      It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  5. Hey ,here’s the pauly show.

  6. OK kiddies. The lesson here is break the law (most obvious being wall by restaurant) and get rewarded with political position…

  7. Guy dresses like some Phil MUrPhy wannabee. This is Phil’s yearbook photo if anyone cares.

  8. He’s the mayor, let’s see what happens.

  9. Billy Martin is a baseball legend. This guy? Not so much. And his jacket is too young and too small.

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