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Ridgewood “On Nov 8th, Say NO to full day K.”

"On Nov 8th, Say NO to full day K

August 14,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, a new event has been launched via Facebook, “On Nov 8th, Say NO to full day K.” encouraging voters to reject the Full Day Kindergarten .

“Ridgewood schools have over 100 Million $ ANNUAL budget. They can raise the taxes upto 2% without your vote, without your agreement. The Board of Ed has to put a question on November ballot and ask the tax payers only if they have to raise the taxes by more than 2%.
If they cannot accommodate full day K with 2 Million ANNUAL increase, please don’t approve full day K.
Vote “NO” for the Full-day-K question in November. Don’t give them the power to increase our taxes above and beyond 2% which they can do without our vote.
Once it’s increase, every year they can add 2% on TOP of that, without your approval.
On Nov 8th, Say NO to full day K. – Vote NO on question 2.”

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood “On Nov 8th, Say NO to full day K.”

  1. Well said !!
    If BoE cannot convert half day K to full day K in 2 Million per year cost, then they don’t deserve more money. We already have classrooms and teachers for half day K. They can increase 2 Million in taxes without our vote.
    VOTE NO. They will raise taxes by more than 2 Million if we vote yes.

  2. And don’t forget our teachers are going on year #2 without a contract to fund status quo.

  3. NO to everyone!

  4. 6:01pm Teachers are going on without contract because of their own arrogance and stupid union. If BoE agrees to 10$ copay – we will vote this BoE out.

  5. 8:02 pm – are you a renter or do you pay property taxes here?

  6. VOTE NO!!!!

  7. Parents can fund enrichment for the other half of the day. Then the kids will be in school all day and the parents problem solved. I do not want to chip in for enrichment or babysitting.

    Teachers without contract are still getting paid. Not a bad deal.

  8. @8:05, do you know if anyone other than incumbents are running?

    The issue of why they don’t have a contract is not really the point anyway. Point is, at some point they will settle on a new contract and the budget will rise dramatically, without the full day k increases.

  9. No full-day kindergarten. We have many user-paid options without getting taxpayers involved

  10. BOE’s ambition will single-handedly drive everyone without schoolchildren at home out of town. Too bad if they had pressure from parents. This is unacceptable. Most referendums do pass, so tell your friends to vote no. Since it will be on a ballot for the Presidency, voter turnout will be higher than for other elections, although still a paltry and pathetic number. As always, every vote counts.

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