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Ridgewood Parking Facts

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March 6,2018

Bill McCandless

Ridgewood NJ, Have facts ever mattered more in public conversations? There are some hard questions for the Village Council after reading the parking facts in the many reports Ridgewood has paid for from respected experts. The facts are clear and not in dispute: we have an excess of CBD parking, poorly priced, and poorly promoted.

Why is the council pushing to add parking when there are as many, if not more, open CBD parking spots as the proposed garage would add?

Why is the council ignoring these facts and Gerrymandering the results to try and say otherwise?

Why add more $10,000,000 in more parking when the failed valet project proved parking is plentiful and easy to find?

Where is the concern for the village taxpayer as they get set to double all parking revenue, a million dollars annually in new parking fees?

Why would the village council say there is a shortage of parking when the facts conclusively prove otherwise?

Please email the council and ask if the parking facts matter.

Read the sources for yourself, you already paid for them:
Walker 2015:
Walker 2018:

5 thoughts on “Ridgewood Parking Facts

  1. How much will the GARAGE generate in new revenue?
    How much will the GARAGE cost to operate?
    How much is debt service on the GARAGE?

    Find out that math to know what a boondoggle this will be.

  2. 7:05 The council cannot even imagine answers to those questions, or we would have heard estimates at least. Maybe if you can send it to them Certified mail, return requested, you might at least know it was handled by ” someone” though probably no one higher than a mail clerk. Those simple, and necessary questions, are being overlooked by the council members. Maybe they are being ignored because the answers can’t be obtained without some math and thinking involved.? It is so much simpler to say “the studies say”. But “the studies” actually say “that a parking garage by itself cannot make money.” “That higher rates and longer hours must be put on street and lot parking in order to subsidize the garage”. (Read Walker’s study which basically told the truth instead of the imaginary hypotheses put forth in the other studies.) I’m sure we all remember the famous words of the City Planner–“the devil is in the details.” The details are set out in Ridgewood Taxpayer’s comments. Before the council awards the contracts, please give us the answers!

  3. 7:05 is Right..SOLUTION .Stop the Presses…many on council tried to be objective..time for responsible adults
    in room to step up and say .The Garage is not the solution..It is in fact a massive mistake…thus is not health barn gardening..The citizens can stand behind a reset.Start with Halt on raised garage..spring is coming we can regroup..make a plan to rehab one surface lot walnut as example..lets start there

  4. Meanwhile Jeff V. Continues to lie about 1,000 new spaces needed in the CBD. We could have more parking in the streets if he would grab a bucket of paint and clear off those space wasting boxes between spots on Ridgewood Ave.

  5. 8:03 is correct .if the surface lots were rehabbed Visitors like bookends Gap movie and restaurants could benefit..

    go visit Westfield..that’s our model folks..surface lots were reconfigured incl kiosk options..people park walk shop and dine there en masse..they have real asphalt roads too..ours are a disgrace..incl state routes Linwood Franklin etc..sewers hammered down on center and storm drains..difficult to repair..TSKE A LOOK AT FAIRWAY AND N.PLEASANT BASICALLY UNDRIVEABLE..Was hot patched 5 these a joke

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