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Susan Knudsen and Michael Sedon announce reelection campaign for Ridgewood Village Council

Ridgewood Village Council

March 6,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

RIDGEWOOD, N.J.—Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Michael Sedon are certified to run for both open seats on the Ridgewood Village Council in this May 8th municipal election.

Both incumbents share a view of the future that includes smart, organic development which fits into the character of the Village while maintaining that history and charm responsible for drawing so many current residents to our town.
“As we embark on a complete rewrite of our current, outdated Master Plan few councils have had the opportunity to impact the Village’s future development as we do right now,” Sedon said. “For too many years long-range planning has been conducted through a hodgepodge of mostly contested Master Plan amendments. Rewriting this document will allow us to memorialize what we have today in the Village, and it will guide growth and development for the next 50 years.”

Knudsen focuses on taxes, services and the future, “Village Council members are responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars; our charge is to ensure each and every tax dollar is used prudently and responsibly while delivering reliable and quality services,” Knudsen said. “Looking toward the future, we are working diligently to make certain Ridgewood remains a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family and age in place for generations to come.”
Long-time resident Knudsen was elected to the Ridgewood Village Council in 2014, serving as mayor since 2016. Knudsen is a member of the Ridgewood Planning Board, Site Plan Exemption Committee, Historic Preservation Commission and Master Plan Advisory Committee. Knudsen also serves on the Community Access Network supporting our special needs community, Project Pride, Community Relations Advisory Board, Fourth of July Committee, Village Interfaith Group and Special Projects Task Force. She is also a parishioner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is a long time member of the Ridgewood High School Jamboree Scholarship Program providing need-based scholarship opportunities to graduating seniors. Prior to being elected in 2014, Knudsen served as the Zoning Board of Adjustment Vice-chairman.

Currently Sedon is working as a freelance writer, and he is also a parishioner at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, member of the Ridgewood Knights of Columbus and serves on the Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee, Green Team, Shade Tree Commission, Community Center Advisory Board and the Special Projects Task Force. He has served on the Citizens Safety Advisory Committee and the Open Space Committee.
After settling most of the major issues of the past such as housing densities, the hospital expansion and critical infrastructure repair and attention, Knudsen and Sedon feel the time is right to guide the Village into the future with proven leadership and openness to listen to our residents providing a level of transparency in government that lets citizens become a meaningful part of the process.

Knudsen and Sedon have worked to keep taxes stable in their first four years serving the Village, while staying committed to modernizing Ridgewood Water, maintaining services and ending years of expensive litigation.
They have allocated $2 million each year toward paving our roads, oversaw a much improved leaf collection process, worked with all stakeholders to arrive at a compromise to develop new park lands, planted hundreds of new street trees and continue to support our Central Business District.

Proven leadership, a willingness to listen to and respect residents and a track record of accomplishment, Knudsen and Sedon remain energized and committed to moving Ridgewood forward while respecting and maintaining the history and character of the Village that makes Ridgewood special.

37 thoughts on “Susan Knudsen and Michael Sedon announce reelection campaign for Ridgewood Village Council

  1. Bullet vote for these 2….

  2. No way, would prefer not to vote. Disappointed on needless super expensive garage. Catering to Sedon’s vanity because he remembered a garage design that fit footprint of Hudson lot.

    Was driving that intersection yesterday coming down Broad St. from Glen Rock very dangerous intersection. AND when you get to the Bagelicious area, cars trying to back out in front of you.

    Plus disappointed about development of Schedler. Both Hache and Sedon and Knudsen when they were first elected said no development there, they changed. It will cost a ton of money. in fact they will have to budget it over many years Sedon said. Plus there is a dearth of open space. Wha happened about saving the environment. They chop down tons of trees in Schedler and then praise themselves because they want to put tress in the sidewalk in the CBD where they don’t belong. Give me a break. Plus they want to do away with the islands by the train station for more parking. UGLY and dangerous and discourages people coming to farmer’s market. I will wait and see who else runs, but if worse comes to worse I will not vote.

  3. Great job understanding our municipal elections 6:53. You are truly an informed voter.

  4. If Mike and Susan vote for this garage they don’t deserve another term. How is that being responsible with our tax dollars?? Saying it doesn’t make it so.

  5. Mike and Susan’s work on the new village master plan that fixes “3066: Pfund’s Folly” [3066 was a terrible ordinance that opened the door for Paul Aronshon and John Saraceno to barrel thru with monster apartment buildings in the CBD] has earned my vote.

  6. I would without a shadow of a doubt vote for them. After the 3 before I would rather stick with kind and understanding humans!!

    They are doing there best and are never ever condescending!!

    Please please don’t let anyone else in.

  7. Mike Sedon literally knocked on every door in town when he ran. The ultimate retail campaign.

  8. I don’t know what to do. These 2 candidates seem mediocre to me. They haven’t done most basic things about this village. Their focus has been on large projects and NO attention has been paid to smaller, everyday quality of life issues for the residents. Most glaring issue are the horrible streets. The garage stance doesn’t help them either. Cutting older , beautiful tress and boasting about planting new ones is nothing impressive. Trying to “improve” RW Water is another stupid and super expensive effort. On the other hand voting for someone new who promises heaven but then turns into a monster (read Voight) is more dangerous. It’ll probably be a last minute decision between voting for these 2 or just staying home.
    My ideal candidate would be someone who is willing to take on the developers with the high density housing, take on fair share housing that is turning BC upside down with their pressure on courts, someone who will try to get rid of RW water (sell it), someone who promises to turn RW into a meticulous , clean town with no eyesores in the BD etc. But then again how can you trust anyone these days!!!

    Separate question: if Susan and Mike are reelected who becomes mayor? If any of them is not elected who gets that chance?

  9. I cannot vote for the DARK side, but there is no compelling reason to vote for Susan and Mike either. What have they done in 4 years in the office?

  10. Thank you Mike and Susan for your continued service. Both are even tempered and actually listen to all residents – even if they disagree with them. I am personally skeptical about the garage, but the new design is smaller than garagezilla. I know Mike as a guy who does his homework and am confident that he will not proceed with a half baked idea. To those that are thinking of not voting for Mike and Susan – your alternatives are the puppets propped up by the previous and disastrous Council majority. Been there, done that, not going back.

  11. Any candidate willing to run should be congratulated. With all of the polarization in this town which goes from high density housing to dart wars, anyone willing to run has to have alot of dedication to the town as well as thick skin.

  12. @pesmith. Sorry, don’t agree. There are people who have dark agenda’s behind them or simply personal interests. Rarely would someone compete out of dedication in today’s reality.

  13. Well the 2 incumbents dont seem to have insidious motives. Anyway at least people do have a choice. Hopefully there at least 4 on tje ballot.

  14. There are two candidates who are dedicated to the town, PESMITH. Mike and Susan. And there are two who have been hypnotized by Sonenfeld, Aronsohn, Voigt, Hauck, and Halaby. Those two will give us a monster garage, will reinstate 3066, will put a 90-footfield at Scedler. Take that to the bank.

  15. Paul – have you looked at the web site of one of the new candidates. Look at the issues section. She doesn’t know ANYTHING about the village.

  16. My issue is about ensuring we have choices. I’m not opining at all about individual candidates. That’s everyone’s duty when they make their choices and vote (and lets hope we get a good turnout for a change). I’m just happy to see it’s not like the single candidate BOE thing.

  17. Well, God help the taxpayers of Ridgewood with this crew…

  18. As a taxpayer in the village Ridgewood for over 40 years can someone from the mayor and the council group call Bergen County headquarters regarding their roads are needing repairs. In the past they always came out and fill their potholes. This is their responsibility.
    Thank you
    Yours truly
    Mr. taxpayer

  19. 10:37 where to begin? Is pot legal.yet cause you must be stoner.
    Kudsen and Sedon. can’t be blamed for high density housing mess left by Aronsohn Hauck Puciarelli. Coah is a failure of the state of NJ . Everything.10:37 wrote is utter nonsense. Willett and Harwin are Aronsohn puppets. Willett has serious baggage and doesn’t understand much of anything. Tries to pretend she does. The other one tried for BOE and now VC. Did she ever serve on any committees?

    Knudsen and Sedon are dedicated and caring. I don’t always agree with them but they care and do a great job.. In my opinion, Susan probably not in support of the garage then I could be mistaken. I think she done a great job and she has my vote and so does Sedon.

  20. Knudson speaks highly of Sedon. I signed their petitions and I’ll be voting for both.
    Thank you Susan and good luck.

  21. Dedicated and caring maybe, but so is a loyal pet. We need leaders. Real leaders with real leadership , financial, and business experience

    The infrastructure from water to roads to parking lots are a mess. The police, fire, and other costs are unsustainable. The taxes (understand the school portion) are ridiculous with no one doing anything to control. These are middle level type people, not executives, not driven leaders. (Except when it comes to getting family on the village payroll).

    Real leaders would fix the water department, maintain the roads, reel in spiraling costs, sell assets that only benefit a small group, push to enforce laws, and cleanup previous messes. Housing values are stagnant, talk to a small business owner about dealing with RW council to expand or move in. Not a good story.

    We deserve and should demand much better. Find a retired CEO, or CFO type, who accepts no excuses and
    actually creates change.

  22. 8:01pm you are describing Aronsohns mess. close to a million dollars on garage designs, with his “business” buddy Roberta taking his orders and falling line. Money should have been spent on repaving and relining messed up lots. Water was a mess with Aronsohn and his sidekick sonenfeld. The current council is fixing exactly the messes you’re talking about. Didn’t Sonenfeld and Aronsohn brag about the building department and ease of opening a business in Ridgewood. Did they lie? Yes, probably. They had quite the track record. Maybe more money to fix sh*# if those two hadn’t been busy misusing taxpayer dollars. Weren’t they both found guilty and fined? What else did they do? How fast can the Aronsohn mess be fixed. He was a disaster for Ridgewood and his candidates will take his orders like sidekick Sonenfeld.

  23. I want to vote for Susan and Mike, but they have been pretty underwhelming lately.
    The fact that the garage fiasco continues to threaten the village’s future financial stability is clearly something they can do something about. They have hopped on the developers bandwagon and I feel they no longer have our best interests at heart.
    How much more proof do we need to show that we don’t need this parking lot. I agree with Mr. Taxpayer, fix the streets, repave the Hudson lot and let’s find ways to get Ridgewood out the the top 20 tax club. Impress me, I want to vote for the two of you.

  24. They can’t be blamed for the messes left behind by the prior council. However, they can be blamed for the continued existence and extensive expansion over most of the property of the business on the Habernickle property. Did the prior council grant them an unending lease with lights that we put in and pay the electric bills for, water that we pay for, the extensive time and use of equipment to garden and care for the property, etc. etc.–at our expense? What other business in town has had an expensive handicapped ramp or ANY of the other services–free garbage, free repairs, free use of a piece of taxpayer property? Did the prior council hog tie them so that they had to build a garage that almost none of the taxpayers still want? Did the prior council hold them down and beat them until they guaranteed that they would save the Schedler house? When they have absolutely no idea (or at least refuse to present it as they don’t want to be slaughtered by the massive numbers of opponents) of the total cost or any future use of the property? They are, I agree, nice people. But ” conserving taxpayer money” is about the last thing I could say about them. Any “nice” idea like letting people look at their water bills on their cellphones? They are being led by the ring in their noses by something, and it’s not stupidity. They seem to jump on any suggestion so they can spend, spend, spend (as long as it is not their money). The are indeed nice, kind, considerate, delightful people. They are not, however, aware of the economics, the cost, and the need for most of the lovely things they want to put in Ridgewood. If either of them took a course in economics or money management–cost re benefit–it must have been years ago.

  25. The current incumbents are every nice word you can think of to apply. I’m sure the majority of the town would agree. But as far as knowledge of need -vs- expenditure, they are treading water and getting nowhere fast. If they can find a financial manager who can put the cold facts of this economy and actual Village NEEDS before them in a way they can understand, I’d vote for them in a heartbeat. I happily voted for them the first time and I’d love to vote for them again. But I honestly hope that someone with a financial background runs, and I’d probably vote for her/him. Many potholes are the county’s problem, but how many requests have been made? Ridgewood potholes seem to get fixed if someone reports them. But someone is going to break their necks in some of the village lots and they are not all being held to build on so “why bother to fix them?” is a pretty stupid question/response? And the School taxes seem to operate without any thought more than “we want” with no controls or limits placed on them. Something has to change–and it would be nice if it didn’t turn out to have to be the incumbents.

  26. Shame that the FAC was disbanded – as designed, could have been used properly by the Council to get better advice on financial matters pertaining to the municipal budget and tax expenditures. Instead it became a political retribution hot potato. So now we’re left with huge bills and only large municipal tax increases to pay for them.

  27. Oh 2:39am, now you have really jumped the shark. That committee was another puppet of Aronsohn, et al.! It had to be pulled up by the roots. We could try again but with the oozing swamp-filling slime coursing around Ridgewood, stealth Aronsohn sycophants toadies lackeys and bootlickers would probably end up claiming most of the seats again and who the heck needs that kind of advice?

  28. Hahahaha, defending the FAC. Well we know who YOU are!

  29. Have to agree its unfortunate that in a way the two of them are the lesser of two evils. There is no way in hell I would vote for or support the two Arohson / Pucciarellii puppets. From what I can tell, they have no foot hold in reality.

    But, Mike & Susan, listen to the voices on the blog. Yes, you started great out of the gate. But you folded on the mulitfamily housing. Some would say capitulated to the will of the developers and allowed dangerous precedents to go forward unchallenged. (The planning board hearings were a pre-destined farce, so don’t even go there.)

    Now it seems you may fold on the garage issue as well. Very galling to think you are going to vote for a plan to try and bail out failing restaurants, provide parking to the out of town developer who is building the slums on the railroad tracks and provide parking to out of town residents – – all at the expense of existing taxpayers. You may lose if you vote for the garage. Your potential base just won’e be that fired up to come and support you.

    Anyway, good luck.

  30. “slums on the railroad tracks” – perfect description.

  31. God god, you Knudsen sycophants are hopeless. The FAC could have worked IF it was set up as designed. I’m not an Arohnson supporter, but I don’t see why the Council wouldn’t want non-binding advice from Village residents willing to volunteer their financial expertise. The Council is hopeless at budgeting and understanding financial matters.

    1. FAC was an absolute total joke , sorry but most of the people on the committee knew nothing about finance

  32. Who are the other candidates running ? what are their platforms, skills, value proposition and ideas?

  33. What does Alexandra want to do?
    The Village Council leadership keeps raising taxes and fees (hidden taxes). I will be fiscally responsible and will work to ease our tax burden, including exploring cooperation with neighboring towns.

    The Village Council leadership refused to fly a gay pride flag at Village Hall, sending the wrong message about Ridgewood’s values and diversity. I will stand for equality.

    Ridgewood residents deserve top-rate services. I will focus on making sure the Village government is responsive and delivers on basics like road maintenance and leaf collection.

    Ridgewood residents deserve to enjoy a vibrant downtown filled with great restaurants, shops, and entertainment. I will focus on revitalizing our downtown, which is suffering from empty storefronts and inadequate parking.


  35. Susan Kehoe, so nice that someone from out of state reads the blog. Croton On Hudson. Really? You care about our local election? Guessing that Paul Arohsohn got in touch with you, that is his typical sc#m-bag style of dirty politics.

    Bear Hunting, or any hunting, is not a local issue. And if you actually lived in town, which thank God you don’t, you would know that Deputy Mayor Sedon long ago straightened out that bad joke he made and clarified his position on responsible hunting.

  36. Oh the inhumanity of it, can’t bear to vote for him…

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