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Ridgewood Planning Board Wednesday Night Vote men caved and the women felt detrimental effects of the Valley Expansion far out weighed

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April  6,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The men caved and the women behaved like troopers.  The men all voted YES for less than gallant reasons: Fear of further litigation and possible results that might be worse than the ” so called compromise.”

The women believed that Ridgewood was worth that risk and felt that the detrimental effects of the Valley Expansion far out weighed any benefits.

The public comments were unbelievable including little kids who spoke eloquently.

Our Board of Education members were missing and should have been there and should have advocated for Benjamin Franklin Middle school .  Their primary concern should be the health and safety of the children.  I don’t know why they would concede to Valley without a good argument for a better compromise.  We elected them to represent us.

Again I don’t know who is looking out for Ridgeood except Susan, Wendy and Debbie, The “Steel Magnolias” of the Planning Board.

32 thoughts on “Ridgewood Planning Board Wednesday Night Vote men caved and the women felt detrimental effects of the Valley Expansion far out weighed

  1. Shiela Brogan, who got up at a PB meeting the last time around and made a fool of herself by saying she did not see any detrimental effects to children during construction, most likely did not have the guts to show up this time. If you live in this town long enough you see who has class and who doesn’t.

  2. And yet Bill H ( Incumbents Sheila Brogan and Christina Krauss are running unopposed for three-year terms on the five-member Ridgewood Board of Education.)

  3. That’s how screwed up this town has become.

  4. 8:22am when is the election for board of ed? What’s the last date to file the paperwork?

  5. Having no kids in the schools, of course Brogan votes for it.

  6. The testimony provided by Sheila was referenced several times last night as one of the main reasons that the “men” of the board felt they had to settle. When she stated that major construction occurred at the schools while school was in session it made it very difficult for the planning board to cite detrimental effects on the Middle School as a reason to oppose the expansion.

    Bottom line, ever since 2010 amendment was passed this was a collision course. Planning Board should have taken more risks like allowing CRR to introduce alternative plans because Valley was going to sue if they didnt get the 2014 amendment no matter what the Planning Board did or didnt do.

    I hope that the Village Council and CRR will now focus efforts on negotiating even better terms before the Council agrees to the ammendment. For instance, why not ban trucks during drop off/pick up times. maybe 1/2 hour windows for each. 1 hour a day will go a long way to alleviating some concerns. Independent air monitoring would also be a great compromise. As would insisting that Valley plant mature trees (at greater expense) and not simply plant saplings that will take a decade to grow and provide cover. .

  7. There are people who just want to be on the side of the rich and powerful. That defines Brogan.

  8. 8.50 those trucks would likely idle one mile south and crush that side of Ridgewood’s route 17 side each day

  9. The women were strong and voted on principles while the men embarrassed themselves. Lost a great amount of respect for them. Weak

  10. Sheila’s input: no impact to the children. Who ran her campaign…Roberta Sonenfeld…this village needs a deep cleanse.

  11. Good lord so now it’s a “Man – “Woman” issue is it?
    Is that where were going with this?
    This has been going on for YEARS and now you people are concerned?
    Where were you YEARS ago when the current council was voted in and the carpetbagger mayor slithered in?
    That’s right, you were asleep at the wheel. To busy with your Wall Street job and mommy being to busy with junior and all. I suppose that’s why your council was elected when less than 4000 votes in a town with a population of 25000…
    Where were you then?
    Why are you complaining now?
    You made this mess with your ignorance and now your suffering the results. Good luck trying to stop it now. Your going to need it.

  12. 9:04 this is the kind of unhelpful reply that we need to avoid. There is no perfect solution. This whole thing stinks. Valley is a crummy neighbor and a bully. BUT the problem presented is that trucks are dangerous to kids walking and biking to school and we need to solve that problem. If that means trucks idle along a cemetery or church or on a highway that seems to me much preferable to them turning left into a parking lot while kids walk down the sidewalk.

    We need to come together as a community to find solutions to the new reality instead of being obstructionist which only leads to judges ruling that Valley can do whatever they please.

  13. How come no Nancy Bigos last night? Vacation, illness, sudden stroke of conscience? The split down gender lines would have been less clear had she shown up and voted.

  14. 9.59. I’m 9.04 and really wasn’t trying to shut down the lesser alternatives..just stating the fact that there are no simp,e solutions..
    Recvg at night or weekends just as bad..goid luck to us all.,the kids have to come first..ESP re safety and health concerns..I grew up during the VZ BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION it was not pretty but we survived..walked to school with buddies and older brothers.

  15. BOE Show up when crowing for their fat Union raises and outsized bennies.

  16. The kids should have signs that say “I am going to have crippling college debt because my parents will never be able to refinance since our house is now worth about $75k less than it was before this expansion.”

    Stick to the real issues–that is the real core issue here.

  17. 8:37 This information can be easily on the BOED website or a call the the BOED center.

  18. You know where her vote would be 10:07. If the right new council get elected they should look into some of the shenanigans with her at the parks and rec.

  19. Bigos is still there?

  20. I watched the meeting on TV for about 15 minutes because that’s all I could take. I saw a Linwood Avenue resident go on for too long, insults included, followed by a 7 year old; adorable but inappropriate. Through it all Mr. Nalbantian was exceedingly pleasant, patient and polite. I don’t understand the point of the meeting since the judge’s decision seems to have rendered this a fait accompli.

  21. 9:45 am – This is the kind of comment that gives the Blog a bad name. We don’t all agree but this kind of bitter response fuels the fire for people who try and discount a forum for opposing opinions. And chances are the people that are reading this blog and commenting are involved and paying attention- whatever “side” they might be on. So rants that include things like,

    “That’s right, you were asleep at the wheel. To busy with your Wall Street job and mommy being to busy with junior and all. I suppose that’s why your council was elected when less than 4000 votes in a town with a population of 25000…
    Where were you then?
    Why are you complaining now?”

    My husband has a “Wall Street job” and I was home with three “juniors” and YET we both participated. He tried to get on the BoE and I (among many other things) ran – and lost – for Council four years ago because I wasn’t “asleep at the wheel”. There is large community of engaged citizens in Ridgewood and just because things look bleak now it doesn’t mean we “made this mess with our ignorance.” I understand being angry but This kind of polarizing rhetoric is destroying the town. Better to put that energy to action that we sorely need.

  22. 11.58 gets a time out too

  23. Bigos is bff with the sports committees. What does she do when they talk about developing every last inch of green space?

  24. Thank you, Jane, for being the voice of reason and for always having Ridgewood’s best interest at heart and in mind. I voted for you for Council and would do so again in a heartbeat. I also thought you were one of the best Planning Board members during your tenure and in the 26 years I have lived in the Village.

  25. Go Jane. I voted for you!

  26. Hey 2:12-you can stick. You sit at the meetings? Nope. And to pick on a 7 year old?? Lowest form.
    The only Linwood Abe resident who has gone on too long is our mayor.

  27. Richard Brooks and Hache had a campaign get-together. Paul Vaggianos was front and center at the event. He is probably prepping his old friend Brooks in his run for office.

    Tells me that both candidates are fronting for Paul. They will sell out the town and develop every square inch. The lacrosse coach would complete his mission with a large field on Schlinder.

  28. Good to know. So voigt, Bernie and who else? write in candidate? can we do that?

  29. Richard brooks is GAIL PRICE husband….that tells you everything you need to know.

  30. All the Dems on Walthery Ave. have their “Hache” signs out on the front lawn . . . . It’s not hard to figure it out.

  31. To April 6, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Brogan is ridiculous. She talks about previous construction in the schools while construction took place. What is being proposed here is a minimum of 6 years of noise, construction, traffic, dust, etc. That’s a world of difference from any project previously undertaken in the schools. And even if it was, to whom did she speak, in order to come to the conclusions she posted. She’s unqualified

  32. 7.25 what do you suggest…a Paulie A .wannabe?.we have done that already…

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