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Ridgewood Valley Supporter says You should have bought your home in Ho Ho Kus or Saddle River


Good lord will you people ever give up?

It’s a done deal. No matter how much you whine about what’s transpired it finished…
Everyone knew that once this thing was presented to a neutral third party for review ( A judge who is a she rather than a he) it was going to go in favor of the hospital. And rightfully so. It’s not all about YOU. It’s about building a hospital that is sorely needed for the GREATER GOOD of all the residents in the surrounding towns. You should have bought your home in Ho Ho Kus or Saddle River, not on top of A VERY LARGE MULTI YEAR EXISTING HOSPITAL.

This is exactly what I’m talking about…complete nonsense and blather. You are a classic example of whats wrong with your minority. Sorry to leave you behind, were moving forward and making progress for the greater good. PS your property value just dropped 20 %. Good luck with that.

Because that’s where Valley is and has been since 1952. What difference does it make moving the well established campus 1/2 west on Linwood Avenue? Mahwah? Why the hell would we want it up there??? Listen, Just because you bought a home in the lap of the hospital and now your in a tizzy because the inevitable that was bound to happen is now happening just doesn’t cut. The hospital was a part of this community long before you got here. It belongs in Ridgewood and here it will stay…For many many years to come.


EDITOR: Now you wonder why so many people in Ridgewood think Valley is a bad neighbor , “the Great Good” is the “Greater Good ” for Valley

17 thoughts on “Ridgewood Valley Supporter says You should have bought your home in Ho Ho Kus or Saddle River

  1. Still peeved over Councilman Paul Aronsohn’s dramatic endorsement of two candidates that make them nervous, grassroots anti-hospital expansion group Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (CRR) ultimately decided on Wednesday to continue its support of the candidate.

    Aronsohn at Monday’s televised debate . The three were “like-minded” on a majority of issues and as a trio could help change the tone of Village Hall, the apparent new unofficial slate said.

    But Hauck and Pucciarelli, CRR says, have supported previous hospital expansion efforts. That marks a sharp contrast to its endorsed candidates of Jane Shinozuka and Mayor Keith Killion, who have publicly opposed expansion efforts or voted against them, respectively.

    Little has officially changed from their end regarding Aronsohn’s candidacy.

    “CRR is not changing our endorsement at this time, as we remain fully vested in Mr. Aronsohn’s admirable commitment to prevent the proposed hospital expansion,” said group chairman Pete McKenna.

  2. There was a master plan in place for the development of the whole town. It was violated. Nothing is sacred.

    I know that most of you do not understand me. I bought here in Ridgewood, because I fell in love with the whole atmosphere. . Now it will be gone. Very few people really care. They mouth caring but they don’t. Very few people really care about Schubert or Mozart. How do I know. Their concerts in NYC have to be heavily subsidized by donations. ( I am talking about all of classical music)

    Heavy metal and company are sold out.

    Ridgewood has sold out too; in a different way.

    Please politicians; do not ask for my vote.

  3. “I hate this issue,” said Mayor Paul Aronsohn, who voted in favor of the expansion. “We can like Valley and hate the plan. It’s a shame that people can’t trust the process. We need to make the best of a bad situation.”

  4. And good luck to you sir with all of those apartment dwelling kids invading your precious West Side schools.

  5. trust aronsohn.. now that is comical.

  6. Team Aronsohn’s accomplishments

    Valley Hospital expansion Check
    Oversize parking lot Check
    Over development of the CBD Check
    Shedlar 90 ft baseball field In progress ( to be completed by July)
    Insure our like minded candidates are elected In progress ( to be completed by July)

  7. Well 7:54 , 2479 residents did trust him.

  8. This really is the dream sequence from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Ridgewood is Pottersville, and evil hospital runs the town. However, Paul Aronsohn is no George Bailey.

  9. I’m a broken record….if I’m sick, really sick, I’m going to Hackensack or NYC.

    Valley is basically Urgent Care with a piano in the lobby.

  10. Everyone who is really sick goes to Hackensack or NYC. The good Valley doctors tell you to.

  11. If you take a look at where a lot of Valley’s patients are coming from you will see Rockland county right near the top of the list. So why the hell are they looking to expand here, other than convenience and it sounds better ?

  12. Urgnt care with a piano…Now THATS funny!


  14. your home will go down 20%.

  15. Can I buy some of your homes? Please, move out if you don’t like it!!!

  16. Charlotte- That’s the statement the residents around St. Joe’s (Paterson), HUMC(Hackensack), and Morristown Memorial( Morristown) heard before they sold. Take a look around those “Medical Centers” and see how those folks made out. Be careful what you wish for, unless you plan on moving soon because there’s a really good chance this is what Ridgewood will become.

  17. Charlottes or whatever your spiders name is… go crawl back into your hole..this is a serious discussion…..families are impacted here..try Paterson for a tear down attached iron door model..good luck with that school district..

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