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Ridgewood Ticket Blitz to Target Empoyees Who Use Street Parking in the Central Business District

Employee parking lots near Town Garage

December 27,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village of Ridgewood is currently executing a ticket blitz on employees that use street parking instead of the employee parking lots. After much effort was made by the Village to support the merchants and restaurants the employee parking lots have not been used and there is a resistance to use them from both the Chamber and the Guild . The ticket blitz is seen a way for tax payers to collect money and help mitigate parking garage costs .

11 thoughts on “Ridgewood Ticket Blitz to Target Empoyees Who Use Street Parking in the Central Business District

  1. What’s the source of this information?

  2. Had a lovely breakfast at Raymonds on Sunday. Arrived at 7:50 and watched 2 employees park in the first 2 spots in front of Van Nest. I guess they don’t mind taking spots away from potential customers. Traffic enforcement should be on duty early to watch the employees park in front of their stores. Until you solve this problem, please don’t talk about spending taxpayer money on a parking deck. Iwon’t even get into how it could NEVER be paid for with increased parking revenue. Would love to hear the details about the valet parking experiment.

  3. Why was this ticket blitz done before? Whats changed ?

  4. 9:21 I think it was CNN

  5. If the employees left street and public parking, we would probably have no excuse for a garage. And to build a garage without solid, monetary support from the business would be foolishness in the extreme. If they don’t want it enough to sink some personal money in it, we don’t need a garage.


  7. There’s a certain hair salon on Ridgewood Avenue whose employees use the meters right in front and around the building all day long.

  8. It’s been pretty discouraging trying to get businesses to enforce this rule with their employees. It’s a shame because it would make a noticeable difference.

  9. Legally the business owners may not be able to regulate where their employees park because they are not technically “on the clock” until they actually enter their place of work.

  10. If the business owners don’t give a shit about where their employees park,why do you?
    And WTF are you eating at Raymond’s?
    There are the same people who stole from their employees and skimmed on their 941 taxes and got busted.
    And you support these criminals.
    Thank you “Ridgewood Payer”… Now go stick your head back in the sand.

  11. no problem with the status quo no garage and limit the whining from the poor business owners who want more more more..of the taxpayers money..not so special products..can be had anywhere anytime…VOR you have a very Bad Reputation as an unfriendly town who’s
    ticket agents would not cut anyone any type of a break anytime…can’t have it both ways VOR

    GLEN ROCKS Eating our lunch and growth and that’s ok’s close and friendlier…better services and modeled after the old ways of RIDGEWOOD…before the hacks…

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