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Ridgewood Village Council Elections May 12th

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Board of Education Election and the Ridgewood Municipal Election (to elect Village Councilmembers) will both be held on the same date, May 12, 2020.  These elections will be a vote by mail election only.  Vote by mail ballots will be sent to all registered voters, with a deadline to return them to the County.  There will be two separate ballots in the envelope sent to you, one for the Board of Education and the second one for the Village Council.  The envelopes included with the ballots are postage paid.

The final voter registration date for the May 12, 2020 dual election (Board of Education and Village Council) is April 21, 2020. Voter registration forms must be at the Bergen County Superintendent of Elections Office by this date.

We have mentioned Ridgewood BOE candidates and the Ridgewood blog has endorsed Dani, Kwak, Lembo, but we have not mentioned much about the equally important Village Council elections or any of the Candidates .

Ridgewood’s Village Council election is also set for May 12. The winning candidates will assume office July 1. There are three open seats , with Councilwoman Bernie Walsh being the only incumbent in a five-way contest .
Also running are the following ;Sergio Alegre, who chairs the village’s zoning board, and Mahmoud Hamza, leader of the Muslim Society of Ridgewood.

Next we have  Pamela Perron, a lawyer, and member of the village’s environmental issues committee, the vice president of Ridgewood’s League of Women Voters . Perron also coordinated the local League’s “Observer Corps” program, which sends volunteers to municipal meetings to gather summaries.

The 5th candidate  Lorraine Reynolds, who was among the people who filed suit against former Mayor Paul Aronsohn and former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld for allegedly using village funds to promote construction of a parking deck. Reynolds was also a plaintiff in a dismissed OPRA-related suit against Councilman Voigt who had previously alleged he was being harassed by people filing a deluge of anonymous OPRAs seeking his email correspondence, which he said were attempts to oust him from the council, Voigt later posted those OPRAs online but didn’t obscure phone numbers, emails and home addresses for Reynolds and two other plaintiffs, all of who filed separate, unsuccessful complaints against him.

17 thoughts on “Ridgewood Village Council Elections May 12th

  1. Lorraine Reynolds Is bad news.

    1. yes all the dirt bags don’t like her

  2. Lorraine Reynolds is a major asset. She is a class act, smart, informed, involved. The fact that Jeffrey Douchebag Voigt does not like her is a total vote in Lorraine’s favor. I am so excited that she will be on Council.

  3. She’s just another self-interested narcissistic egotistical friend of Knudsen

  4. I see the Knudsen machine is already primed and ready…

  5. Yep, she’ll be yet another nail in the coffin of this Village…. she’s a carbon copy candidate of the same terrible self-serving, narcissistic governance we’ve had for decades. Guaranteed the Village will spend even billions more under her watch.

  6. She’s a douchebag

  7. Eldd Ed vying Lorraine Reynolds will only accelerate the inexorable decline of Ridgewood. She’s a litigious, arrogant egomaniac.

  8. Lorraine is smart and very involved in the community. She is highly regarded and will be a great addition to the Council. She will win easily.

  9. Pam Perron is nothing more than a hand puppet of Paul Aronsohn.

    She’s clueless/insensitive for having deployed political lawn signs in the midst of a pandemic, especially when almost every other house in the Village has lawn signs in place thanking the area’s healthcare workers.

    But, the good news about her lawn signs is that it enables voters to see who is supporting her. It looks like it’s the old Aronsohn clan; Rurik Halaby, Janice Willett, Richard Brooks, Gwenn Hauck, etc.

    Do not vote for Pam Perron under any circumstances unless you want to risk a return to the Aronsohn form of governance (more high density housing and a further reduction in municipal services).

    It’s a fact Jack.

  10. Perron is poison.

  11. Voigt is sitting in his basement in his underwear furiously posting stupid comments about Lorraine. You are such a little, little man Jeff Voigt. Good riddance douchebag.

  12. Haha, and if Paulie boy gets Pammy girl elected, will he be expecting a return on his investment like he got from Glenn???

  13. Lorraine hangs with the group that bullies led by knudsen, and that guy running for the BOE Dani and Kwak are part of that group. Unkind and evil

    Perron is being poorly managed. Running on climate and recycling ahead of fixing taxes is a bad plan.

  14. A vote cast for Pam Perron is a vote cast for Paul Aronsohn and the possible return of Roberta Sonenfeld.

    Perron for Council lawn signs seen at the homes of these notables (lowlifes): Gwenn Hauck, Roberta Sonenfeld, Rurik Halaby, Siobhan Winograd, and Richard Brooks.

    Pam Perron is clearly the choice of those who ruined this town forever.

  15. This was more entertaining than Ridgewood Moms and Dads.

  16. My whole family vote will go for Lorraine. She is head and shoulders above the rest. No vote for Hamza, Mahmoud, Perron and other puppets. Not a fan of Walsh, she just doesn’t seem to be doing anything in her position.

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