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Readers says RHS Alumni and Ridgewood Residents Behind Protests

“You you think that some of these poster would have figured that out.“Among the demands are four specific ones, related to education in Ridgewood. But let’s march everywhere but in front of the Board of Ed.

I hope your Ridgewood parents are proud . Go to the twitter feed post above and you will more of this . @RW4BL

Ridgewood for Black Liberation

We are a group of RHS alum and Ridgewood residents who are committed to anti-racist work and non-hierarchical organizing in Ridgewood, NJ. #BLM


11 thoughts on “Readers says RHS Alumni and Ridgewood Residents Behind Protests

  1. great school system >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. This group’s 5th demand is to defund our police.
    I say that the parents of these kids should defund them.
    And let everyone in the Village know who you are. Step up and identify yourselves. Stop hiding behind masks. Maybe your parents should march with you?

  3. Seems like once again the parents are trying to push off their responsibilities of teaching these sort of basic fundamentals onto the schooling system rather than educating and raising their kids themselves. Get it together people, it’s not that difficult to have that conversation with your kids and use the current events to teach them yourselves.

  4. This movement needs to be actively discussed at the village hall and with BOE, officially. We can’t pretend that the woke religion isn’t a serious issue. It is very serious, ask residents in burned down, boarded up neighborhoods across the country.

    While I respect individual parents’ decision to raise their kids in their own way, the village must vocally and unequivocally reflect values that vast majority of residents espouse. And I have no doubt that includes respect for the flag, freedom of speech and critical thinking.

    All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

  5. Fictitious Demand #6 for this “movement” to ponder on –

    How many street names in our Village should they demand be changed because of something “unsavory” in their history ?

    Moving on, the names of our neighboring communities of Ho-Ho-Kus, Wyckoff, Mahwah, etc. are also up for grabs. (Hint – why don’t you all move to one of these towns?)

    Next, what about our cemeteries. Surely there must be some very unsavory characters buried there that must also be removed. Maybe some of your own, who knows?

    Lastly, or maybe this should be first?, we definitely need background checks on every member of this “movement?”, don’t we?
    Several privileged members will probably not make the cut! Those poor parents.

    And, one more for good measure – free lattes for all – every day!

    Maybe we need a Go Fund Me to buy winter gear for these little treasures to march on in the cold weather, assuming they last that long lol.
    We demand those lattes!

  6. who is behind the movement ? who is helping? RidgewoodJOLT? Brienza? She was all over social media posting video showing the arrest of the 22-year-old kid. Many residents asked for the entire video posted. None posted. Brienza announced she went to police headquarters to assist the arrested kid. Why?

    Ridgewood better start paying attention.

  7. So they are demanding 4 totally RACIST and SEGREGATIONIST demands.

  8. The event was organized by Join Organize Lead Teach (JOLT), a Ridgewood-based nonprofit that was created after the Women’s March last year.

    “This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions,” Cathy Brienza, JOLT’s founder and president said

  9. Senator Bob Menendez
    Catherine Brienza, Founder & President of @ridgewood_JOLT
    , is an an inspiring advocate, lawyer, & mother. Cathy fights for civic engagement and recently founded the NJ Civics Outreach Organization. She’ll be honored at my #WomensHistoryMonth Celebration on March 24!

  10. Now that we know that JOLT is behind this we should also understand that our children are being used as pawns in a much larger scheme to disrupt and undermine the core values of our community.

    Let’s smarten up Village residents.

  11. This is the result of liberal idiots voting for Democrats repeatedly. Kiss your town or village goodbye. Next is the rezoning and destruction of the “ privileged suburbs”. Your school boards and teachers unions are to blame for this. This is the sh@% they teach. And your taxes pay for it. Why are you shocked? You allowed it to happen. Instead of storming the BOE and teaching respect and tolerance at home, preventing Communist indoctrination ( because that is what this is), this is the result. And it’s only just begun.
    By the way, Bobby M’s name seems to have been removed from the Lolita Express passenger list ( where I found it a couple of years ago). . Hmmm. He is a political grifter and needs to be removed from office.
    “The definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over, then expecting a different result”.

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