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Rutgers University Benefactors With Hold Support Over Over Antisemitism on Campus

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New Brunswick, NJ, Marvin and Eva Schlanger are taking a stand by withholding their financial support from Rutgers University. Both proud Rutgers alumni, the couple, who contribute to various educational institutions through their Florida-based nonprofit, the Eva and Marvin Schlanger Family Foundation, has donated over $130,000 to Rutgers. However, they have decided to cease contributions due to what they perceive as the university’s inadequate response to antisemitism following the Israel-Hamas conflict.

This move is not isolated, as donors across the country are refraining from supporting academic institutions they believe either foster hatred towards Jews or pose a threat to Jewish students. The Schlangers specifically object to the handling of an investigation involving a Jewish Rutgers Law student who challenged a video posted by a student group.

In a letter to Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway, the Schlangers emphasized the university’s responsibility to protect students from intimidation and ensure the proper use of administrative processes. They have pledged to suspend their donations and encourage others to do the same until they are assured of the protection of Jewish students on campus.

Other philanthropists, including Leslie Wexner, former CEO of Victoria’s Secret, have also wielded their financial influence to express dissatisfaction. Wexner, whose foundation donated nearly $1.8 million to Harvard University in 2021, severed ties with the institution, citing its failure to take a “clear and unequivocal stand” against the perceived atrocities during the Israel-Hamas conflict. Similar actions have been taken by donors at the University of Pennsylvania, where calls for the resignation of top officials were made due to their alleged failure to condemn a conference on campus featuring speakers accused of making antisemitic remarks.

Arnie Draiman, a philanthropic consultant residing in Jerusalem, noted that contributors are increasingly willing to withhold funding from campuses where they feel Jewish students are not safe. He highlighted the significance of making a statement through financial decisions, emphasizing that it’s not just about the size of the donation but the impact it can make.


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17 thoughts on “Rutgers University Benefactors With Hold Support Over Over Antisemitism on Campus

  1. $130K ?

    Miniscule amount of money. Schlangers won’t be missed.

  2. Politicians are wiping their greasy little hands over this new found money!

  3. Uhh … wealthy Jewish interests using money power to enforce Jewish interests does little to dispel stereotypes. It’s almost, I dunno, anti-semitic.

    1. first they go after the Jews ,just remember you are next

      1. Who is they! Jews have to much influence in America.

        1. bigot fascist pigs like you, I forgot to add “stupid”

          1. oh, the irony.

        2. It only has taken two months to expose what some really feel. This is the first openly anti-Semitic comment I’ve seen on the Blog. I’m sure it won’t be the last. They’re slithering out of their holes. Sigh

          1. Lots more have been deep 6’ed this is not Facebook

        3. Invent your own cure for polio and write your own musicals.

        4. Jews obviously don’t have enough influence in America if you, an adult, are still using the wrong adverb: ‘to’ and not ‘too.’ Jews value education.

  4. Rutgers is $250MM in debt…so every little bit helps.

    For some reason RU thinks having a winning football team is important.

    HIghest paid NJ state employee is Greg Schiano. Let that sink in for awhile….

    1. Usually the case in most states – look at the football and basketball head coaches for state schools

  5. Benefactors are good with Rutgers not protecting white students from intimidation by teaching Racist anti-White CRM curriculum, and creating non-white meeting spaces, but they are outraged over antisemitic behavior of students. Where’s the equity in that? How about opposing ALL discrimination?

  6. This is so embarrassing to all of us that we are experiencing young kids act like this. Especially in 2023 going into the new year, where are they learning this from? I don’t think they’re learning all of this from a professor, this may be coming from their upbringing. I’m proud to say in my upbringing my parents were never racist to any group, I was taught you be nice to people. They’ll be nice to you most of the time.

  7. Rutgers has always had delusional notions of being “semi-Ivy League”. At least in the category of bigoted wokeism, Rutgers seems to be approaching its dubious aspiration.

  8. I just can’t believe that some of our professors are coming up with this nonsense, it’s scary. Yessenia kids to school and at times they taught bullshit. I remember being in school and the teacher wouldn’t talk about Vietnam. Can you imagine this?

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