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Saddle River Says developer’s affordable housing lawsuit is ‘Unenforceable’

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Saddle River NJ,  in its response to a developer’s lawsuit appealing the Saddle River Planning Board’s denial of construction on one of its designated sites, the  borough’s counsel responded that the default clause of its affordable housing settlement agreement is “unenforceable.”

The suit was filed this month by Saddle River Investors challenging the Planning Board’s Sept. 28 denial of its application to build a 60-unit townhouse project with eight affordable units on the borough’s main thoroughfare.

Both Parties are scheduled to present oral arguments before Judge Gregg Padovano in state Superior Court in Bergen County on Dec. 16.


6 thoughts on “Saddle River Says developer’s affordable housing lawsuit is ‘Unenforceable’

  1. Would the developer want to live next door to it? I doubt it. This type of building doesn’t belong in an area occupied by single family homes.

  2. Our towns do not want apartment units in it. We are so crowded it’s unbelievable…. We need some open space….. stop developing… our school class rooms teachers are finding it harder to teach because the amount of people in the classrooms. STOP…

  3. More units? Enough is enough! New Jersey is already congested. It’s all about money, I hope the town fights this one to stop the developing

    1. “It’s all about money”

      How very anti-“free market, laissez-faire” of you. Might as well vote democrat if you’re going to stand in the way of the almighty dollar.

  4. It’s dirty Business. Build that out on rt 17’

  5. Who is the developer

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