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>Salary Caps :What should Dr. Fishbein be paid?

>What should Dr. Fishbein be paid?

He works 50 to 60 hours a week. Goes to all of the sporting events during the week and on weekends. He attends all committee and board meetings at night. Has a Ed.D. Countless years of experience. Is in charge of a 89 million dollar budget. Oversees the education of over 5000 students. Responsible for 10 schools. Responsible for the employment of over 500 employees.

So what does a private company pay a CEO for a company this size? Certainly a lot more then the $220,000.00 salary Fishbein receives.

Those of you out there that think the position is so easy try applying for it. Do you have the credentials? Experience? Knowledge?

So stop saying he is over paid. In fact he is probably underpaid.

The governor is a thug who continues to take money from Bergen County and giving it to all of the urban districts. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE JOBS THAT CHRISTIE PROMISED TO CREATE DURING HIS CAMPAIGN? He has added to unemployment but has done nothing to create one job beyond his offices.

Christie is not a hero, he is destroying NJ and continues to make all public employees out to be the villains. This is not leadership. He is acting like a 5 year old bully, who thinks he can still use his weight and size to push kids around on the playgrounds of Newark.

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