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Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign , Well Maybe Not at Schedler Park in Ridgewood

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Schedler Park neighborhood got a little surprise this week when the sign denoting its historic designation was removed . Fear not the Porto Potty remains.

Village Manager Keith Kazmark attempting to clear the air said on Facebook ,”It was removed because it was out dated and questioned after the CBS report. I requested it be removed. I also directed that the area be cleaned up and have debris and unneeded materials/equipment removed as well.”

From July 10 – 15, 1778, sessions for the Court Martial of General Charles Lee for his behavior at the Battle of Monmouth were held at the church. (Although on the first day, July 10, an insufficient number of members attended, and court was adjourned that day without conducting any of the court-martial). Among those in attendance were General Lord Stirling, who presided at the court-martial, and Colonel Alexander Hamilton, who testified on July 13. The Court Martial  was held at Old Paramus Reform Church and Washington’s Troops camped out at what is now the Schedler Park property , but they were such bad house guests  local farmers asked the to move on at gun point.

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22 thoughts on “Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign , Well Maybe Not at Schedler Park in Ridgewood

  1. Word has it Paulie brought the sign home and is throwing darts at it.

  2. Good one

  3. The Porta-Potty Is the sign!

  4. Whistleblower Guy doing what Pee Wee asks. Sad.

  5. Nothing like a TV crew exposing your trash to get Keith Kazmark to step away from his social media posts and photo ops. #paul2.0

    1. Pee Wee is Putinesque

      1. If that were the case every commenter here wouldn’t be attacking him.

  6. So now we have a Village Manger, costing taxpayers 300k+, doing what Nancy Bigos and Chris Rutishaiser should have done years and months ago.

    Question of the day: Does Keith have the chutzpah to take disciplinary action against the Malfeasance, Misfeasance, and Nonfeasance staff?

    1. You know that answer…

  7. Let’s break this down. Village Manager costs tax payers about $27,000 a month. Kazmark has been on the job for 6weeks. During this time, his claim to fame = a 40k price tag, is doing a job that should have been done by other Department Heads (making similar salaries). Total waste.

  8. Instead of clean sweeping Village Hall, “The Whistleblower” was handed a feather duster.

  9. Did Keith remove the parking kiosk sign, placed in the middle of the sidewalk, or are we waiting for another TV crew to get things done?

    1. Forget about the sign… Remove the Kiosks!

  10. This village manager needs to get rid of Nancy and Chris immediately. These two knuckleheads been screwing things up for a long time they think they’re smart then not that smart. Time to MoveOn wake up Keith and do what needs to be done. Screw these people.

    1. It’s not as easy as that, they are in a Union!

      1. Offer a retirement buyout. Worth it.

  11. Keith Kazmark can 100% get rid of Nancy Bigos and Chris Rutishaiser. Civil Service and Union doesn’t mean you are untouchable or protect you from neglect of duty or willful incompetence, it just means they are entitled to due process. Documented incidents, disciplinary actions, probation and let them go. Enough!

  12. Honestly doubt Kazmark has the courage or smarts to stand up to Nancy and Chris. Keith appears to be smoke and mirrors.

  13. Kazmark has experience from municipal service throughout Bergen, Morris and Passaic counties. Why does he jump around so much? In the Public Sector, unless you’re a problem that has to jump ship before getting fired, you stay in one place for pension and time served benefits etc.

  14. They had better not do anything to disturb the historical significance of the property or its artifacts. They have already done enough to destroy that property that now can’t be undone, like building that horrible berm and also have Downes level almost 3 acres of trees without a clear plan. Total incompetence in my opinion.

  15. So glad that CBS brought to light so many things that many people didn’t know about. Other towns fight against artificial turf, but only in one town, Ridgewood, where they want to build a ball field with artificial turf on a historic property!!! We are laughing stocks especially given that the council is listening to an absolute phony who is advising them to do things like move a house or delist the historical significance of the property. Shame on you, and especially PFAS Paulie!

  16. Kaz will be useless as expected. We have never had a REAL village manager and never will until honest people with run this town which likely won’t happen anytime soon. Enjoy your windfall Kaz.

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