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Singh Rejects Murphy’s Fear-Mongering; Urges New Jersey to Celebrate Thanksgiving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Linwood NJ,  Conservative outsider, anti-establishment leader, and gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh today rejected Tyrannical Phil Murphy’s new shutdown order canceling Thanksgiving for millions of New Jerseyans.

“Tyrannical Phil Murphy has no right and no authority to cancel Thanksgiving or meddle in the Thanksgiving plans of New Jersey families,” Singh said.

In making his comments, Singh cited the unifying principle of recognizing a national day of thanks every year since the Civil War.

“It was President Lincoln who saw fit to proclaim a national day of Thanksgiving ending disparate thanksgiving celebrations on different days in different states,” Singh said.  “President Trump will once again proclaim the last Thursday in November to be our shared, national day of Thanksgiving.  All Americans — including New Jerseyans — will come together with family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate our common appreciation for ‘the gracious gifts of The Most High God’ — as Lincoln said — at a time when a little national unity would do our country well.

“Phil Murphy’s fear-mongering and insatiable appetite for central-planning cannot, should not and will not stop that.”

The staff of the Ridgewood blog fully agrees with Mr. Singh. Lets face it if is was “mostly peaceful protest” Governor Murphy would be fine with it and if lock downs worked the Murphy Administration would not be releasing people from prison due to the dangers of COVID.  Our view is and always has been ,lets try some common sense .

Think of driving ,over 50,000 a year die in auto accidents , yet we all drive. We also take certain steps to mitigate the risk . We wear seat belts, we don’t drink and drive ,we don’t txt and drive and don’t talk on the phone and drive .  And some of us as we get older don’t drive at night in the rain  because the eyes are not what they used to be . That doesn’t not mean no one should drive at night ,just people who don’t feel comfortable.  Dare I say we have to use critical thinking  and remain flexible . Higher risk individuals should lessen social interaction. while lower risk individuals should as they say, “be careful”. A little more common sense  is in order.


3 thoughts on “Singh Rejects Murphy’s Fear-Mongering; Urges New Jersey to Celebrate Thanksgiving

  1. Pls send you rThanksgiving family photos to Gov Murphy

  2. Send Shutdown Phil’s email to send the pictures
    Bet he has more than 10 people at his house . He should be required to have a live camera at his house so we can make sure he is following the rules.
    Lockdown Phil worst ever

  3. Hes shown at several places eithout a madk, great example Governor 👎🏻

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