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Governor Murphy Targets GOP Contender Jack Ciattarelli

NJ GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein

NJ Governor Phil Murphy is afraid of showing the public what criteria he uses for restrictions; prolonging the state recession; creating unemployment; for violating his own restrictions multiple times; the havoc of the mail-in election he mandated; mismanagement of multiple state agencies; anger over his tax hikes; and of the result of investigations into the deaths (in long term care facilities) of the roughly half of the states Covid fatalities. Most of all, Murphy is afraid of the NJ native son who has stood up for all the state’s residents and asked the hard questions even when it was unpopular to do so. That person is Jack Ciattarelli.

Though New Jersey was over a year out from the November 2021 Gubernatorial election and deep into the Presidential and Congressional election, Murphy had Democrat insiders, machine politicians, and political professionals-for-hire targeting self-made man and former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli. The target on Jack’s back came to a head this past September when Saily Avelenda, Executive Director of New Jersey Democrat State Party, attacked Jack for his support of President Trump in a piece on NJ Globe. Avelenda, a silver spoon leftist from the world of banking, came to the fore after former Goldman Sachs banker Governor Murphy installed her at her state Democrat leadership post in February 2020.

Avelenda, prior to her job as head hatchet man for Murphy, was formerly the Executive Director of an Antifa-like coalition of radical left wing groups who advocated for the release of criminals who happened to be illegal aliens and were temporarily detained in county facilities across the state for the duration of their deportation hearings. The coalition even attacked other Democrats in the state legislature as not extreme enough because they did not want, at the time, to release violent felons released on to NJ streets. Fast forward to October when Democrats in Trenton passed a bill for the early release of thousands of felons (including some who tested positive for Covid) from NJ prisons using “Covid safety” as their excuse. While Murphy and his merry band of lefty loons pretend all of these felons are “non-violent,” their definition of non-violent is not that of regular folks who live in the working class neighborhoods the early released felons will inevitable end up living in. Knowing that repeat sex offenders were not included in the Democrat get out of jail free program is off little consolation to new Americans and working class people whose new neighbor is someone who, so far, has only been caught committing a sex crime once.

Murphy’s failed slam on Jack Ciattarelli, through his attack dog Avelenda, was not the first and won’t be the last. The current NJ governor will continue to go aggressive, negative, and substance-free lest he be required to explain policies he barely knows, let alone can articulate. Yet not even Murphy’s leadership of the state Democrats is showing success as even with the overwhelming Democrat voter registration advantage, they were defending House Congressional seats they made vulnerable by failing to support the police, pretending riots were protests, supporting tearing down statues of Columbus, and vilifying those of faith as well as those seeking to get back to work.

NJ Democrats under Murphy may have made some gains on election night, but they were not the gains they could have were they led by a competent leader (thank God). His incompetence both at managing the state Democrats he leads and his repeat mismanagement and abuse of the residents of the state he is governor of, makes Murphy particularly vulnerable in 2021. Murphy’s insecurity manifested itself in the recent presidential election with his attacks on his GOP opponent, former Assemblyman, Jack Ciattarelli, by party hacks and political guns for hire. New Jersey Governor Murphy is afraid, and he should be, Ciattarelli and the people of New Jersey are coming for him.


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  1. Murphy is a loser and should not even run again. Can’t believe anyone could vote for him next time.

  2. the far left liberals of NJ will vote him in again then bitch about him his entire term

  3. DROPKICK Murphy

  4. If Murphy sinks his teeth into this guy then he’s a goner…!

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