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Spot Light On First Responders: Two Off Duty Hasbrouck Heights Firefighters Rescue Child Experiencing a Seizure

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Hasbrouck Heights N, a young girl had the extraordinary opportunity to meet her heroes—two fire fighters who saved her life when she experienced a seizure in the car while her mother desperately tried to call 911.

“I was yelling ‘help, I need help,’ but I was on the highway, and she said ‘we’ll try to get someone out to you.’ Then I looked to my left, and he was there,” recounted Vannesa Senquis, the child’s mother.

Hasbrouck Heights Fire Chief Mike Greco and Fire Official Robert Knobloch happened to be on the New Jersey Turnpike beside Senquis’ car, recognizing that something serious was unfolding, prompting them to pull over.

“We’ve never seen someone take a child out of a car seat in less than 10 seconds, like it was crazy,” Senquis expressed. “Rob too, he came through with the clutch. He was there.”

Realizing the severity of the situation with the 4-year-old unconscious, the firefighters swiftly entered emergency mode, making a beeline to Hackensack University Medical Center. Despite encountering a backup on Route 17, they remained composed.

“We did call for help over the radio to get an ambulance, get a police officer, but where we were was extremely difficult to get that there, so we decided to get her going,” Chief Greco explained.

Understanding the critical nature of time, they knew swift action was essential.

“We were blocking the traffic, and then cleared the way so we could get her into the hospital very fast,” Knobloch added.

Upon reaching the hospital, nurses and doctors took charge in the emergency room to ensure the child’s complete recovery.

Little Laylani and her brother now wear smiles after an ordeal that can only be described as a holiday miracle. These humble firefighters truly embody the role of guardian angels.

“If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t have my daughter today,” Senquis expressed her gratitude.


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