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Summer Reading by Ridgewood Alumni : “KEYSER: The Friendliest City in the USA”

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Ridgewood NJ, Inspirational fiction novel by Jeff Krizan. Available on Amazon, 263 pages. This American novel is a fictionalized account from stories and anecdotes told to the author over the course of four years.

JF Krizan was born in Manhattan, graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1969, and from Davis & Elkins College in the seventies. He also attended graduate school at WVU, became a serial entrepreneur, and an inspirational fiction writer. His first novel, “My Juxtaposition,” was published in 2016. It was quickly followed by three others. Additional publications include a college textbook, poetry, and song lyrics. He now resides in Cross Junction, VA.  Mr. Krizan is a Mensa Life Member and worships at Winchester Church of God.

After growing up in Keyser, West Virginia, graduating from the local community college, and fulfilling a two-year stint in the US Army, Pete Gallagher finds that his future can only be realized by taking matters into his own hands. But along the way, he will disrupt two dysfunctional families, affect dozens of lives, and send shock waves through his small hometown. From his Christian upbringing, Pete fully understands that his actions are not consistent with all that he was taught. Is unconditional love enough to overcome unspoken secrets; murder, deception, and social taboos? Can he prove everyone wrong? This is his story! You can then decide if Keyser, or any other city or town, should be making the claim of, “Friendliest City in the USA.” 

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading by Ridgewood Alumni : “KEYSER: The Friendliest City in the USA”

  1. Got my copy of the book yesterday. Having a hard time puuting it down!

  2. nice to see Jeff’s mom posting on the blog 🙂

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