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Ridgewood Nj, according to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and various  news media reports, a Swedish health officials claimed that infection rates in Stockholm are slowing and that parts of the country could achieve “herd immunity” in the next several weeks. According to Dr. Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s national epidemiologist, epidemiological models indicated that data are showing decreased transmission in some cities, including Stockholm, and that there could be enough infected individuals in the city to make a substantial impact by May. He acknowledged that the models could be incorrect. The announcement comes amid reports of increased deaths in Sweden, which Dr. Tegnell attributed to a failure to protect high-risk populations rather than elevated levels of community transmission. Sweden has taken a rather unorthodox approach to responding to COVID-19, compared to other countries, resisting efforts to implement more aggressive social distancing measures. Swedish officials have emphasized that they are not attempting to develop herd immunity, but rather, they are not implementing formal “lockdown” like other countries. Despite the less aggressive distancing measures, Sweden has reported an increase in unemployment to 8%.

2 thoughts on “SWEDISH “HERD IMMUNITY”

  1. The US might have chosen a different path, something akin to Sweden. Everyone should take a deep breath and consider this: Claims that the combination of stay-at-home and spreadout orders in the several US states saved lives that otherwise would have been lost to the ravages of the novel coronavirus rely on anecdotal evidence. Not that those who make such claims will ever be called upon to admit this. Thou shalt not slow the roll of he who pushes the currently favored globalist narrative.

  2. The lock-down just makes it manageable but to a point, the final number of dead may end up being the same just stretched out longer. In NJ’s case, we have actually gone too far and as result the peak keeps getting pushed further and further back and we are not getting immunity or at least building it. It would have been better to isolate the elderly and vulnerable and allow the rest of the population to work as normal. Clearly, it doesn’t matter now, it is fully raging in elderly care institutions and will mostly likely end up wiping out a 1/3 of them anyways and with 22 million unemployed, there will be serious repercussions besides a heath crisis.

    The hopes of a vaccine may end up being futile since there is at least 2 known strains of COVID-19. There is no cure for SARS and MERS which are coronaviruses and no vaccine since 2005. However, there are at least treatments. Focuses should be on treating the virus instead of riding your hopes of a cure which is seriously doubtful. In a global marketplace that we once knew, it can may never be contained. Two choices either we learn to live with the virus or this is the normal forever.

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