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The Debacle at Schedler Shows More than Ever the Need to Shut Down the Village of Ridgewood Engineering Department

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Ridgewood NJ , during Wednesday nights council meeting councilman Evan Weitz smugly chimed in on the virtues of the Village “Engineer” Chris Rutishauser , claiming he had toured the Schedler House and was not impressed. Funny , but wasn’t  the Village “Engineer” Chris Rutishauser in charge of the Shedler project ?

The debacle at Schedler House, shows more than ever the need to shut down the Village Engineering Department , and farm out all the work to the county or Boswell Engineering . Village taxpayers would  save massive resources , and the Village would be less subject to pet projects and rouge engineering decisions .

Be it Schedler, valet parking in the central business district , private walls that violate fire code and ADA, the Village engineering department has demonstrated over and over again that they are just not up to the task at hand.

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25 thoughts on “The Debacle at Schedler Shows More than Ever the Need to Shut Down the Village of Ridgewood Engineering Department

  1. It is a shitshow! Rorick Hallaby said that the house has black mold last time he took his stroll through the place not that long ago.

  2. what about the shady as sh*t historic consultant, Primavera, that apparently Gail Prices introduced to Vagianos. He has perjured himself, couldn’t even give the village the correct Employer ID # for his business, he is in debt owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to people that worked for him that he didn’t pay and misled people by overstating his credentials, yet Vagianos, Weitz, Perron and Whino stand by him as an “expert”. It is humiliating that this clown show continues, and Ridgewood doesn’t care. The village attorney does nothing. just sweep it under the rug once again. There are lots of things under that rug at this point. Paul paying off Richard Brooks and Gail Price in the way of a $47K lifeline when the have influence over Paul’s biggest projects. What else is in store? only the shadow knows.

    1. That is the guy that wanted to move the house in the hopes that it would fall apart. All for $25,000.00, right?

    2. But Pam said Peter Primavera has earned his keep. For services rendered? Allegedly?

  3. Evan on tour !

    Why in god’s name did he decide to run for a Council seat..?

    1. I think Evan is just waking up from the Rip Van Winkle slumber he has been in since the beginning of this year. He doesn’t prepare and most times has no idea what is going on, he is an utter disgrace. He also goes on and on speaking nonsensically but wants to cut the comments of the public short because he has to get home. Why did he want to be on the council in the first place? Ego? He finally takes a trip over to Schedler and after complaining about the project bitterly since he took his seat. What a loser. They should get rid of him and the rest of the majority block losers.

      1. Doesn’t anybody remember the League of Women Voters debate when he ran for council the first time and openly stated that his schedule did not permit time to attend meetings?

        Too bad he didn’t lose again. Short memories. He was telling the truth.

    2. Talked into it to become another vote, just like Hauck back in the day.

      1. Evan doesn’t seem to really want to be on the council and seems to complain a lot. He is fairly arrogant and rude. At this point, he is basically taking up space.

  4. The engineering department wants a massive stadium at Schedler. They sabotaged the original 2017 plan and waited Susan and Mike out. Once they were off the council it was full steam ahead. That entire department should be cut.

    1. The Engineering Department doesn’t “want” a massive stadium. Pocket liners with the most money is the only interest here. Schedler went to the highest bidder. Period.

      1. Do you realize that a photo appears above the word Anonymous? Or is that a random person?

    2. True. Chris Rutishauser updated the plans without asking anyone and had gazebos and pickle ball courts. He purposely submitted the “wrong plan” to the historic office when he thought no one was looking during the pandemic. They also dumped free dirt from all over town and lord only knows if it was all tested for dangerous chemicals. All the while cutting down acres of healthy trees by Downes tree service when there was no plan in place. built the berm too without permission. Nice going. How are any of these village engineers still employed by the village?

  5. I am going to call Paul Mr. Smugly from now on. Anyway, Mr. Smugly will go forward with the Schedler plan, black mold and all, no insulation, whatever it takes to give this ballfield with turf to those kiddies. He needs to get re-elected. Will they have a good bye ceremony for Richard Brooks or will he be re-appointed? will the billboard get passed by Gail Price’s law firm with free trees on the berm? will anyone check into the $4 million dollars for feed the front lines between Smugly and Healthbarn? it is anyone’s guess, but the gyros will keep spinning at Mr. Smugly’s restaurant in the central business district and smugly will keep smiling all the way to the bank.

    1. He owns a lot more than that crappy restaurant.

    2. His gyros are expensive and they suck!

  6. Can’t believe this guy is still employed by the village. Believe us this man has been in trouble numerous times someone has been protecting him. This guy said at one time that he’s a smartest man in three states maybe he is. I’m watching the council meeting boy he’s gotten fat , gray, and he lives around, like Quasimoto.

  7. I am tired of all this Schedler nonsense. All this for a field that frankly, I have never seen justified. EVERY time I drive by a field in Ridgewood, it is EMPTY. This has nothing to do with needing a field, it is WANTING a field. I taught my kids the difference between needing (homework) and wanting (playing). You can have both sometimes, but one needs to prioritize. This one is not needed.

    Finally, when are we gonna fix West Saddle River Rd.? Us taxpayers deserve better. It could be a county road, I can’t easily tell, but that might explain it. The county sucks with maintaining/repairing/resurfacing roads.

    1. Ridgewood eventually plans to fix West Saddle River Rd. when the plans are approved for the Schedler property. Reason being, they don’t want to pave it twice and they plan to put bump outs for additional car parking, which will further narrow the already narrow stretch of road and create potential safety hazards for residents. In addition to the artificial turf, they plan to put down next to private wells, the parking situation will not be ideal in the event of a massive number of cars descending on a small neighborhood street. Wait till Ho-Ho-Kus residents on WSR Road find out how this will affect them. They are going to flip!

  8. Good luck! Village Manager doesn’t have the balls or sack to can anyone. It will be day 47588585885 since he started and still won’t get sh*t done. #keithkazmark sucks!

  9. Just amazing another puppet.

  10. The bike lanes designed years ago by village engineering should have told everyone everything that they need to know about the competently of the engineering department. Chris is pompous and arrogant as he would rather run around town with his ticket pad writing frivolous summons than being a half decent engineer.

  11. He has no life. He thinks he’s un replaceable. I.

  12. They got all of their friends paid to truck in “free” dirt for the berm. Chris and Jovan, possibly others were behind this. We should ask for a log of everyone who got paid to deliver this dirt. still want to know if it was tested for chemicals, but we might not get that answer. Maybe Hallaby knows.

  13. Siobahn was very disappointed that kids have to go to Mahwah and other towns to play sports but isn’t the least bit concerned about someone in this neighborhood getting a serious illness due to their groundwater being poisoned by turf near their well water. She referenced that the 2017 plan called for Eco Turf even when Pam cautioned that PFAS wasn’t even part of our vocabulary back then she still voted YES. she said she would like to see, after cutting down all of the trees on the property, to put little plaques throughout the property on a walking path designating historical things in Ridgewood, like the train station or when the village was founded and was so impressed by what a cool idea this could be I think she forgot how cool it would be to let the property have its natural charm and actual historic characteristics and make it a small quiet park like she promised

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