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Despite Existence of an 11 Page, Notarized Document, Ridgewood Mayor Refers to $47K Mortgage Note as an “alleged loan”

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Ridgewood NJ, Yes. You read it right brothers & sisters. Ridgewood Mayor Paul Vagianos referred to the well documented, notarized, $47K mortgage note he holds on the Brooks/Price residence in Ridgewood, a copy of which is on file at the Bergen County Clerk’s Office, as an “alleged loan.” “Alleged?” Huh? Really Mr. Vagianos? And our mayor has the chutzpah to say this in a crowded meeting room while live on camera. What else can we say here? The man is unbelievable. Good grief!

More is coming, that’s for sure. Stay tuned to The Ridgewood Blog to keep informed of all the latest news from Village Hall.

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43 thoughts on “Despite Existence of an 11 Page, Notarized Document, Ridgewood Mayor Refers to $47K Mortgage Note as an “alleged loan”

  1. Echoes of Robert Menendez.

  2. Who are you going to believe – me or your own two eyes? He’s running the Menendez playbook.

  3. He is transparent about one thing g – you can see right through his LIES.

    1. He doesn’t give a $hit.

      He knows he will be handily reelected because we are

      RICH and STUPID

  4. He got all of us to pay for his alleged parking garage.

    1. …and he’s gonna get us to pay for the billboard and turfed fields at Schedler and Hawes.

      Pee Wee is clever.

      We’ve got trouble…

      1. You just realized that???

  5. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, might be the most crooked, but definitely not the sharpest.

    1. Let’s hope not. Seems us tax payers hands are tied. If they weren’t he would be gone by now

  6. al·leged
    (of an incident or a person) said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality:
    “the alleged conspirators”

    1. An “Attorney” that doesn’t know the definition of alleged. Pau-lie is an absolute dope.

      1. The attorney had to put that together quick because he was going on vacation and Paul needed to be prepared in the event someone brought it up. Bingo!

  7. Listening in to the call, it is clear Paul Vagianos is such a slippery dude and will lie right through his crooked yellow teeth. We are in trouble as a village. The downtown central business area is in trouble and instead of making it a quaint village, we need sports complexes and light up billboards. I still want to know how Gail Price’s law firm came to do business with Outfront Media? If you google law firms expert in zoning in Bergen County, Price, Meese, Schulman, Darminio doesn’t even come up in the search. I think we can all figure out that these seeming innocent friends of his who got the loan from Paul are involved in some kind of unethical collusion and this bunch has caused controversy in Ridgewood for years. I for one, don’t buy his splainin.

    1. Let’s try and stick with the facts. Gail Price was the Zoning Board attorney for 15 years, so she has experience (and the inside track, if you know what I mean) .
      Her bio on the website is as follows:
      Gail L. Price concentrates in the areas of zoning and planning, representing commercial, industrial and residential developers in connection with land development and construction related issues. She represents national supermarket and hotel chains, developers of assisted living and congregate care facilities, houses of worship, pharmacies, restaurants and other retail chains in securing government approval for the development of corporate owned and leased properties. She is experienced with all federal and state land use and environmental regulations and has represented national corporations in complex litigation on zoning issues of first impression. She has extensive experience working with professional consulting teams on a wide range of Redevelopment projects, as well as serving as lead counsel in prerogative writ litigation throughout the state.

      1. It is convincing beyond measure that between Brooks and Price, both aware of the billboard situation and Schedler, that asuggestion was made to Outfront as communicated by the planner they hired, that to sweeten the deal they would plant trees on the berm. Who else would know this. and why would it matter, if further solidifies the slimy nature of this mayor and these 2 individuals. The fact that the mayor directly benefits as a business owner in CBD, Price gets another financial bailout by bringing in business from Outfront Media, there are no innocent parties. Not buying it for one second.

      2. if her credentials are so great, how come she can’t pay her taxes. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Same thing with Primavera, hundreds of thousands in leins out the whazoo owing people backpay who worked for him who he did not pay.

      3. “…and can’t pay her mortgage.”

    2. I want to know how Paul got involved with healthbarn and 4 million dollars

  8. I love It. Not the sharpest tool but the most crooked. HAHAHA

  9. Off topic but who the heck is the self-righteous, pompously preaching lunatic who called into the meeting with her carefully crafted message telling innocent people to “check themselves”. Innocent people who were assaulted. How dare this person instruct an adult audience on how to behave. Were you there in person, did you witness the incident firsthand, if not, keep quiet and be a good citizen that actually cares about other people. Your message doesn’t convey any compassion. Please consider that the Mayor and entire Council, except Ms. Reynolds, did nothing (as in no thing) except to tell people to wrap up their public comments in an effort to end the meeting. Guessing you are not aware that Mr. Delzio wrote big campaign checks to Vagianos, Weitz and Winograd ($500 each) surely they wouldn’t flag bad behavior and get their friend in trouble with the police or find out if the person was ok. Yet you advise to let the police deal with important matters like domestic violence and I am guessing you are ok with regular violence? If anyone has a “gang mentality” it is you, as you’ve clearly chosen to malign good people who want to peacefully speak their mind. I would ask that you do some serious soul-searching as clearly your core values are not aligned with human decency. Please take your uninformed head out of the sand and join the real world.

    1. Jan Phillips missionizing once again.

      1. Self-satisfied idiot, self-appointed big shot, ought to shut up.

    2. Apparently, she posted advice on social media yesterday with words of caution: “For those going to Village Hall tonight, please don’t push your camera into someone’s face.” I am guessing that she is an expert on how the police should conduct their business and that domestic violence is way more important than plain old everyday assault, in case you are wondering.

    3. Nutjob-referencing public speakers as people with an axe to grind and storming the village chambers like the Trump’s January 6th riots. What is wrong with this person?

  10. Very crooked but he is the one to take us to the toilet quickest. He is such visionary, he understands and appreciates everyone’s concerns but…….. I bet that those who voted for him WILL vote for him again. Voting habits are a disease.
    Elections have consequences.

    1. I hear the flushing sounds already. With this majority block council, we are doomed.

    2. Please remember that point in November 2024 when we could lose democracy altogether. VOTE BLUE.

      1. Ummm, no. We are fast losing democracy under the lunatics of your “blue”. I will vote anything or anyone but blue. You keep doing that and validating the meaning of “insanity”.

  11. Alleged signifies no proof exists. It is a real document signed and notarized by a Ridgewood attorney, probably another friend of the Mayor. Nothing alleged about it and is the only proof residents need to see monies given to people with vested interests, volunteer, as in P&R with influencing ability or a paid law partner of a firm representing a giant LED billboard proposed for Rt. 17 directing traffic. The document is not alleged, however all 3 individuals are alleged to benefit (Past/Present tense).

    1. So what. An be done? Why isn’t the village attorney concerned?

      1. Because he is there to protect the Mayor and Council

  12. Direct or indirect pe·cu·ni·ar·y
    relating to or consisting of money: “he admitted obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception”

    1. How can Matt state this when there was no investigation. Just taking his friend, the mayor’s word of honor. Laughable!

  13. Quote:

    The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

    Albert Einstein

    1. You mean the !d!ots who vote on feelings instead of logic? That’s not possible. They voted for brandon and nothing happened. All is fine and dandy. They still have their 8 cylinder cars or Teslas but most importantly they got the pedestrian plaza…….albeit for a few days until our little brandon took it away. Rich can never mean stupid.

  14. I think Rorick Hallaby, should take a month off like Delzio after insulting east side residents. He is a bully too.

    1. If anyone is a blowhard it is him.

  15. I understand.

  16. I know some one Called nj news today and their responses they are sick of hearing about responding to the village. Call ch ‘ seven. For now on.

  17. He can comfortably opine that there is no conflict of interest in voting…Matt, Village Attorney. Did nothing to investigate and yet he can comfortably opine that there is no impropriety. Wow. bought paid and sold.

  18. Time to sweep up.

  19. How do you avoid paying taxes for 2 years…?

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