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>the fly asks why not pay the kids?

>Last week The Ridgewood News featured a ‘thank you” to the Rec Dept for use of town fields for the recently completed PONY U17 softball qualifying tournament ,a job well done ,but it seems interesting to the fly that there was time to coordinate this boondoggle but no time to pay the kids who worked long hours umping the final month of the Rec season.

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  1. >Excuse me, 11:04 but he President of the RBSA is paid to run summer clinics and winter workouts using town owned fields and school gyms.

    Now that said, he is an excellent trainer and teaches the skills of the game very well.

    As for volunteering to coach; he was replaced two years in a row as the head coach of 8th grade travel softball team due to his abusive behavior towards the girls.

    As for the tournament, I would encourage our village to host more such events. It will serve to prod the parks & rec. dept to better maintain our fields for fear of totally embarrassing our town.

    Pay the children ASAP.

  2. >The president is not the payer in this case…it’s the treasurer…the bearded wonder !

  3. >Our kids checks came today.

    thank you PJ!

  4. >Great post 8:46. Very informative.

    Thank you.

  5. >Dear 11:04

    If your child was ever coached by this president for life you would understand why we do not need such “volunteers” in our sports program.

    He made virtually every girl on his team cry, using very hurtful comments that played with their vulnerabilities. Thankfully, the RBSA took action and removed him. He was replaced with some of the most excellent coaches I have ever witnessed.

    We have the talent and dedication in the Village. Thanks to those excellent coaches who fully volunteer their services.

  6. >Hey 11:04, YOU ARE CLUELESS! The RBSA President does indeed umpire. Mainly 7-8 grade games. He is not a certified ASA umpire so he does this “under the radar” and without insurance. He is very nice to the kids in the summer clinic, and probably makes a ton of money doing it. As for term limits, the megalomaniacal VP Softball has been there too long and has done much more harm than good.

  7. >The checks have arrived….thanks…!

  8. >First of all… we ALL agree that the Umps should be paid. Lets pay them and drop this. Dont need to hear from another 50 anonymous whistle-blowers. Just do it.

    Beyond that, does the President of the RBSA get paid to run these off season clinics as part of his RBSA role? Or is this independent? I’d hope that its made clear for all to see if volunteers do things on the side and are paid for them.

    BTW…MANY for-profit programs use town fields and gyms for free, yet their directors and coaches get compensated by YOU PARENTS. Not just baseball… try Maroons Soccer, with paid “trainers”… GoatGear basketball… and just read your favorite Ridgewood News, which seems to feature an article and photo essay on Vision Lacrosse each week of the summer. Talk about free advertising!

    Anyway… the original post was to bring to light the fact that Umps werent paid in a timely fashion. Hopefully this will be resolved now and we can move on.

    Beyond that… not really fair for a bunch of anonymous posters (including me) to take jabs at someone’s character. If you hate the guy? Tell him to his face or tell the RBSA board. Otherwise, you’re not setting an example of courage in front of your kids, are you?
    If you think you can do a better job… time to step up and volunteer to coach or to take an Admin role within the RBSA or any other organization. If you’re not willing to do this? Then this is the perfect forum: Stay hidden and critique the roll that our coaches and teachers play in your kids’ lives… but from the safety of an anonymous blog.

  9. >The umpire checks arrived today from the RBSA.

    They were written on Tuesday, August 31st, the day after you reported it on your blog.

    The kids are thrilled.

    Thanks PJ.

  10. >I can do the math on the summer camp…$70 per week for 6 weeks x 200 kids…that’s $84,000 !

  11. >Hey 5:54-
    You were spared from TERC!

  12. >To Anonymous 12:15 PM…I love the fact that you speak out against posting anonymously, as if it is somehow gutless and you are a setting a better example for your children. You are a self-righteous, pompous ass. I have volunteered for many years. I am not talking about “coaches and teachers” I am talking about the criminals that run the RBSA. To publicly speak out against the mob who run this group like their own private fiefdom could have negative ramifications for my family and my children, so I choose to post as anonymous. It is still important for people to know. What’s your excuse?

  13. >yes, you can do the math but can our kids who go to travell and orchard?

  14. >Dan who?

  15. >One of the early posters made mention of the softball czars…yes, let’s put term-limits on the board positions. That includes the Rec Comm too…the Bearded Wonder has been pulling strings for almost 20 years.

  16. >probably should leave the bearded wonder alone because this is his WHOLE life

  17. >The problem with the RBSA is that for too many people in it IT IS THEIR WHOLE LIFE.

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