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the fly has learned recycling just ends up in the dump …


…the fly has learned that since the pandemic, the Village of Ridgewood suspended all recycling to all restaurants . The town is no longer picking up any recycling to these establishments.

All recycling is going to the dump. When you drop off recycling at the Recycling center or the recycling is picked up in front of your house, it’s now just a scam and goes to the dump.

Ridgewood is no longer making money on most recycled product, which is mostly cans, bottles etc. Everything going to the landfill as our regular garbage…

10 thoughts on “the fly has learned recycling just ends up in the dump …

  1. It’s been like that for many years (maybe even decades?)

  2. Why are we still separating garbage then?

  3. Right why are we still doing this. It’s a losing proposition. Recycling revenue has been going down in the past five years. The bottom line is it still a law that you have to recycle. If the market doesn’t change in a few years 80% of recycling Will be done. If you look back in the 60s what do people recycle glass, cast-iron, heavy metals, cans, newspapers, carport, all the plastics of Worth zippo.

  4. Why are we still separating garbage then?”

    Because we are
    (this would be the “stupid” part)

  5. No it’s not because people are rich and stupid. It’s because they passed this bullshit law 25 years ago. Some towns keep everything together Sanitation recycling waste management has a separator machine in Jersey City that can separate recycling from Sanitation. Waste management would love to come in to Village of Ridgewood and pick up Sanitation and recycling.
    But the problem is once you get rid of your trucks in your people, guess what the sanitation company has you by your balls and you’re going to pay pay and pay. And you will lose 99% of power. That’s how the cookie crumble‘s

  6. Uncle Benny – Nothing is more expensive than a unionized Government employee. Outsource it via competitive bidding!

  7. I have municipal waste management and private waste management and while both were okay, I have found Ridgewood’s Sanitation Department to be superior over my 30 years here. I don’t mind paying a little more in taxes to pay these hardworking men a living wage with decent benefits so they can enjoy their lives and families. It’s common decency.

  8. Are there anymore sources to confirm this? Does regular recycling in front of people’s homes go to the dump?

  9. Yes I agree. Sanitation and recycling department and yard waste crews Work extremely hard.

  10. Guess what I never recycle. Especially things that are worth nothing. Yes newspaper, cardboard, clear glass, precious metals, everything else good luck. And the market is down. It’s costing taxpayers big money to recycle. Nobody wants it , The Chinese don’t even want it anymore. Man made plastic bottles and it’s destroying this world. It’s useless shit. The worst thing is Styrofoam, upper government officials don’t want to put in recycling with garbage because it its way to the garbage. So when the garbage truck goes to the dump it will cost them more money. And dumping fees in five Recycling will be totally changed you’ll see.

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