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The Ridgewood Blog Endorses Reynolds, Walsh and Alegre for Village of Ridgewood Council

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Blog Endorses Reynolds, Walsh and Alegre for Village of Ridgewood Council :

Lorraine Reynolds has been a tireless advocate for Ridgewood taxpayers and residents against local bullies be they institutions or personnel.
Bernie Walsh  has long been and independent voice on the council championing open spaces and moderate growth, leading the village in senior advocacy during the COVID19 pandemic.
Sergio Alegre who is Chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment and has come to grips with land-use and quality-of-life issues facing Ridgewood residents and businesses.

The Village of Ridgewood faces serious quality of life and budgetary challenges due to the policies of a previous administration often referred to as the “3 amigos”. These past polices of prompting high density housing without any of the infrastructure necessary to support it , have placed the Village of Ridgewood in a permanent cycle of ever increasing property taxes and ever lowering quality of life . The coronavirus pandemic has only worsened an otherwise serious situation .
If you doubt our analysis ask yourself , how many additional police and firefighters will be needed? Where is the water coming from ? What about sewage ? Don’t forget traffic ,parking and congestion and of course the expanded footprint for the Ridgewood School system .
Mediating these disastrous policies will remain a high priority well into the future ,therefore it is extremely important to keep anyone connected with this prior administration ,once again the “3 Amigos”, out of public office for the foreseeable future!

13 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Blog Endorses Reynolds, Walsh and Alegre for Village of Ridgewood Council

  1. James, you continue to do a major disservice to the Village of Ridgewood and it’s residents by promoting poor governance and self-interested narcissists for Village Council. What has Knudsen got on you?

    1. really look at the CBD and say thank you 3 amigos

  2. Yes James and the above poster voted for the 3 amigos. We know who you are. And now you and your fellow cohorts want to vote in the new and improved (3 AMIGOS 2.0) so they can complete the job.

  3. Does anybody really want Roberta Sonenfeld as village manager again? Because that’s what the other candidates are hoping and planning for.

  4. Actually without Valley Hospital, we need less police & fore, not more. Valley is expanding in Hackensack and not here because of Lorraine Reynolds.

  5. I thought Roberta retired.

  6. What is their agenda. Is that true they want to clean up top.

  7. Hey Clueless “Actually without Valley Hospital, we need less police & fore, not more.”

    How about the 600 or so new apartments in town and more to come. Get you head out of your ass.

  8. I love Lorraine Reynolds all the low life dirt bags hate her

  9. Roberta Sonenfeld was FIRED.

  10. I looked closely at my ballot and read the instructions.
    It says ONLY use a BLACK PEN in 2 places on the ballot.
    I had to flip to page 2 of the ‘vote by mail instructions’ folded insert to find instructions in ENGLISH. What a fucking disgrace . I guess us English speakers are a minority here now.
    Most importantly… BLACK PEN or it won’t get counted. Ridiculous. I only have blue pens.

  11. Is there a black Sharpie around the house?

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