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The Ridgewood Blog Wishes A Happy Mothers Day to All

Happy Mothers Day

“My beautiful mother. My brothers and I have been blessed to have her in our lives. There’s ups and downs, but this is what makes us stronger as a family. My mother lived during the Khmer Rouge. She had fought her way to survived it through the Killing Fields in Cambodia. All she wanted was for us have a better life and future then she did in Cambodia. She’s my mother, my sister, my psychiatrist, my club partner, and my best friend. This is why every MOTHERS Day or her Birthdays , we have to make it extra special… Although everyday we show her that we are appreciated and thankful for everything she had done for us. Happy early Mothers day mom! We love you so much!” Vicheka H

Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood Blog Wishes A Happy Mothers Day to all  the moms ,Ridgewood Moms and moms everywhere and on this day its also good to remember how lucky you may be .

This is my mother and I in the refugee camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand ; where my mother gave birth to me 11/06/1979.
My mother was fighting for her life to survive the Khmer Rouge ( Killing Fields in Cambodia)
Everyday I am thankful to be in the U.S.A. She gave me a chance to live a better life here in the states.. I have been blessed with many things in my life, its something I know that I can never take for granted.
Thank you mom for giving me life and a chance to make a better future. Thank you for always being there with open arms and open ears. I am missing you more then ever. I can not wait to see you soon. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU MORE THEN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD!




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  1. To Vickeka: I’ve been to your mother’s country twice. She sounds like a remarkable lady and I can see why you feel so fortunate to have her as your mother. I hope you both had a great day today.

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  3. Great photo happy Mother’s Day.

  4. Nice picture….

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