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The Ridgewood Police Department Suspends All Residential Zone Parking Restrictions


photo courtesy of the Ridgewood Police Department

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood Police Department is suspending all time limit and no parking during certain hour restrictions in residential zones to accommodate residents during the state of emergency in the Village. Therefore there will be no need to call the Police to request permission for daytime parking or Overnight parking in residential zones. All safety parking regulations are still in effect. Such as parked on crosswalks, yellow zones, fire hydrants, blocking driveways, ect. Parking meters are still in effect.

9 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Police Department Suspends All Residential Zone Parking Restrictions

  1. Information from the state.
    The only thing that should be operating is
    Water utility
    Water Pollution
    Police department
    Fire department
    EMTs emergency services
    Everything else should be just on standby immediately.

  2. Parking meters active Gotcha VOR

    Pay and Pay the man …

  3. VOR meters must be fed ….special obligation to the man…

  4. At times like this all parking throughout the CBD should be free.

  5. They still practicing at their private firing range and pulling extra duty work for PSEG in their gas guzzling and blackout window SUVs while everyone else on the active duty roster bills the Village for OT?

  6. Where is Tommy boy Rica? Still stealing quarters from us right under the nose of the RPD?

  7. What is with the tinted windows .

  8. Tinted windows ..only the best in spending towns taxes for the teams with guns and the ticket books..

    The tinted windows are for intimidation …

  9. The new mega concrete Garage looks like a massive Cashregister Float across from an Historic Church .

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