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The Rules of City Cycling: What All Cyclers Should Know


Riding a bike in the city is fun, and it’s regarded as one of the most affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly ways of moving within the city. With increased bike use within the city, many new riders are flouting rules, which have led to rising bike accidents. Whether it’s your first time riding in the city or you have been for long, it’s essential to know the existing rules and follow them to be safe on the streets or to avoid being penalized. Here are some rules for city cycling.

Know Where to Ride the Bike

A city is not like a remote place where you can ride your bike anywhere and anytime. There are designated areas meant for riding the bikes. Besides understanding this, you need to know when and where you can ride or push the bike. When pushing the bike, you have to act as a pedestrian while riding; in the absence of bike lanes, you must act as a driver and follow all the traffic rules. It would help if you avoided other mistakes, including riding on the pedestrian walks, as you will be arrested and penalized.

Follow the Traffic Signs and Signals

When riding in the city, all the traffic signs and signals must be followed to the latter. It would help if you stopped where there are stop signs, check on the traffic lights, and observe pedestrian crossings. Failing to do that might lead to accidents, which might lead to charges. According to accident lawyers from, there have been increased accident scenes within the city simply because riders aren’t following the set rules. In case of an accident, whether caused by you, a vehicle, or a pedestrian, it’s important to get a lawyer who will represent you in court and lessen the charges. Ensure you follow the traffic signs keenly to avoid falling victim.

Follow the Pecking Order

In cities filled with people, bikes, and cars, there is a pecking order which needs to be followed at any time when riding the bike in the city. What is a pecking order? These are orders meant to bring sanity within the city for car owners, riders, and pedestrians. In this situation, bikes are supposed to yield to pedestrians, with cars yielding from both pedestrians and bikes. You have to provide a way to pedestrians in a crosswalk, and if you must use the pedestrian lane, disembark from the bike and push it until when you leave the pedestrian lane.

Use Hand Signals While Riding in the City

Hand signals are very important when riding your bike in the city. They must be used effectively to avert any impending accident and to communicate effectively with other road users. Some indications are used in almost every city. The left-arm always acts as an indicator. When pushed up and down, it signals to turn right and left, respectively. However, giving an indication doesn’t give you a right to turn. You have to check on your back for any traffic and see if they have given way. To avoid inconveniences, you can install side mirrors on your bike for effective riding. Failing to check the traffic might lead to a catastrophic accident, whose impact is not a story to tell.

Stay on the Right and Pass to the Left

In traffic, cars usually slow to the right on most roads in the United States. Other nations might differ. Left lanes are only meant for overtaking by fast cars. Since bikes are slow and can’t fit a motor vehicle’s speed, you should keep right at all times as opposed to the left when overtaking or passing over a stalled vehicle. When you need to pass a pedestrian or another slower bike, signal that you want to pass by either ringing a bell or any other indicator available on your bike. After overtaking, get back to the right lane. 

Follow the Helmet Laws

Wearing a helmet is very important, especially when riding in the city. In some states, failing to wear a helmet is an offense punishable by law, and failing to have it will lead to an arrest. Besides wearing a helmet, ensure you put on the required helmet as by the bylaws that govern their wearing. Not every helmet is suitable for bike riding.

Bike riding is fun until you get arrested or get involved in an accident for failing to follow the city’s set riding rules. To be safe and to ensure you enjoy riding your bike within the city, follow the set rules, and ensure you keep safe at all times. The above rules are part of what you need to adhere to.

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  1. I do most of my rides here in suburbia but I did I ride down the West Side Hwy a couple of years ago. 13 miles from the 179th Street Boat Basin down to Battery Park.

    A great ride…can highly recommend.

    And a loop around Central Park on a nice day is glorious too.

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