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There is Still No Business ,Like Show Business

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New York NY, in 2023, the age-old adage holds true – there’s no business quite like show business. Emerging from the shadows of the pandemic, which forced all 41 theaters on NYC’s Broadway to close their curtains for an unprecedented 18 months, the district is experiencing a revitalization.

A recent report from The Broadway League reveals promising signs for the 2022-23 season, marking the first complete 52-week run since the shutdown in March 2020. The season boasted 12.3 million admissions, nearly doubling the figures observed in 2021-22 and achieving an impressive total attendance capacity of 88%.

Despite the addition of 40 new productions to Manhattan’s theatrical repertoire, attendance has yet to reach the pre-pandemic peak witnessed in 2018-19. During that record-breaking season, 14.8 million audience members flocked to Broadway shows, generating a total gross of $1.83 billion – an unparalleled high note in the district’s history.

Contrary to expectations, Broadway’s resurgence aligns with a notable shift in audience demographics. While tourists still constituted the majority of theatergoers, comprising around 65% of attendees, the average age of the audience dropped to 40.4 years old – the youngest demographic seen in 20 seasons. Additionally, individuals of color accounted for 29% of total attendees, marking the highest percentage in The League’s historical records.

However, even with a newfound cohort of theater enthusiasts, Broadway may not have navigated the post-Covid landscape unscathed. The looming challenges include escalating operating expenses and the proposed congestion charge in NYC, which are anticipated to take center stage as the district progresses into 2024.


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