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Things to Prepare Before the Baby Arrives


Having a baby is breathtaking, and you do not want to miss out on this experience worrying about what you need and don’t have. At this point, you want to entirely focus on your newborn, to be fully in the moment. 

To achieve this, you need to prepare adequately before delivery. We will discuss below the things you need ready before the baby arrives.

Get Mommy Ready

First, take some childbirth classes, learn the breastfeeding basics and talk to your doctor about your delivery options so that you know what you need before and after delivery, the medication you’ll use, the hospital you will deliver in, and anything to pay special attention to. Also, park up some nutritious meals in your fridge. These foods will come in handy during the first hectic week. When the mother is organized, the peace of mind that comes with it will help her be in top shape when the baby is finally delivered.


The baby needs a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Set up the nursery by bringing in the crib or bassinet. For your child, first, set up the baby item essentials while you’re bringing in the crib.. Some parents may prefer to lay the baby in a bassinet before going to the crib, but a crib would do just as well.


Get baby clothes, sheets, blankets. Prepare for your baby the clothes for say, the first week. You will need to pre-wash anything that will, at any point, come in contact with the baby. Remember to wash them separately from any other person’s clothes and use a friendly detergent for the baby, one with no perfume or dyes. Also, sanitize on every material that will be used by the baby, including the crib.


Stock up on nappies. You will need lots of these, the trickiest part is, you might not be sure which type of nappy will work for your baby, so first get trial packs. You will also be required to decide whether to use disposable or reusable diapers.

Breast Pump and Feeding Bottles

Mum’s milk supply may not always be constant. For this reason, you need a breast pump and feeding bottles. With these, mommy can pump and store up milk for the baby for days she might be having less milk or the days she may not be home. 

Pumping breast milk is also a great aid system for a mother of twins. Make sure to sterilize all baby items to ensure your baby won’t get sick.

Hospital Bag

You probably have an idea of how things go down during labor, if you don’t, take this tip. Pack your hospital bag. Fill it with all your essentials during labor and after delivery. This bag should bear all the cleaned clothes for the newborn with the sheets and covers and nappies. The mother’s essentials too should be in there, including the birth plan and an appropriate change of clothes.


The last thing you want is trouble getting to the hospital when in labor, so check your car. It should be clean and with plenty of fuel. Install and test your newborn car seat, ensuring it’s secure so that you can drive your baby safely back home. Also, get your pram ready for your outdoor adventures with your baby.


You realize you will be changing the baby a lot, so arrange your house in a way that you will have stations to get various things done: feeding station, changing station, nursing station. This should keep you organized. If you have staircases in your house, minimize movement up and down the stairs with the baby as it can be quite risky.


As the day approaches, make sure you have all the necessary contacts in your phone and always have it on. You might need to make an emergency call. You should know too that being a mum is a full time job, you will need your phone close all the time with the contacts of your pediatrician or anyone you would contact in the occurrence of an emergency

Baby-proof Home

Lastly, you know how babies grow so fast; one day, he stays in his crib, and the next, he crawls. In that light, do a safety exam. Arrange your house in such a way that all cleaning detergents and medication are out of reach and keep away cutleries, and in their place load up with baby’s toys.

A baby brings a whole new air to the home, just the same, it is not business as usual. Start early enough to get ready for the baby. When you attain all of these essential items, you make sure your child is comfortable and safe.


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