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Tyco Animal Control Services : Whitetail Deer Does are having their Fawns now

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Ridgewood NJ,  according to Tyco Animal Control Services Whitetail Deer Does are having their Fawns now. They are all over the place. If the Fawn is curled up and resting, they are fine. The Doe does not stay with her baby. She leaves and goes to feed so she can make the rich milk her baby needs. She DID NOT abandon her baby. If the Doe has twins she will often leave one and take one with her. She will bring the 2nd Fawn to another location. (this is to protect her babies. If a predator gets one she will still have one baby left) The Mother may not return for up to 15 hours. Then she may feed her baby and leave it again to go forage.The baby is born without scent to help keep it safe from predators. If you stand a Fawn up, it will drop right back down to the ground. The babies legs are not broken, the baby is not paralyzed. This is s natural instinct to make themselves as small as possible and they know not move so a predator will pass them by.

Do not take a baby Fawn away just because you do not like where it is. I hear ” their are Fox in the area I want it moved, the area is too populated, I have dogs and can not let them out. I have posted signs of distress below.

When you call a Rehabilitator Please be brief, “I found a Fawn this morning with an injured shoulder and its bleeding.” Then let the Rehabilitator ask the questions. Be direct with your answers, try not to tell a story. Rehabbers are so busy they just want to get to the facts and be able to advise you and help that baby. Remember that this is Baby Season and hundreds of injured and Orphaned Babies need help.
In the picture
This Fawn is healthy and safe. She got wet in the rain and has moved to a dryer spot.
Lets keep the Fawns with their Moms,
Don’t Be A FawnNapper.
When to Act/Signs of Distress:
The baby has been crying for several hours or more. (a “maaaappp” sound)
The baby is injured or has been attacked.
The baby is lying stretched out and is cold to the touch.
The baby walks directly up to pets or humans.
The edges of the ears are curled (dehydrated).
The baby is in a dangerous place, (lying in water, wandering in the road, parking Lot etc.
The doe is dead.
There are flies around the fawn.

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  1. that has visited us often with her baby — now grown has just delivered twins in the back yard. They all seem to be fine. She just had a third one!

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