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Unlocked Cars Burglarized on Wickham Way in Ridgewood

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Police report that a Wickham Way resident reported being the victim of a burglary and theft on October 22nd. The victim reported two unlocked vehicles which were parked in the driveway were entered during the overnight hours and approximately $300 in cash was removed. The Ridgewood Detective Bureau is investigating the incident.

5 thoughts on “Unlocked Cars Burglarized on Wickham Way in Ridgewood

  1. Some people never learn. No sympathy.

  2. What sort of dope leaves cash in a car, locked or unlocked

  3. Idiot Festival

  4. I always lock my car to protect the tote bags on the back seat and my hidden quarters and dimes for parking meters.

  5. It is almost hard to believe that Ridgewood (and neighboring towns) have residents with sub zero brains–at least as far as preventing robbery. What is so hard to understand about the above placard? It is composed of 4 letter words LOCK, TAKE KEYS. If we actually have residents that can’t understand such simple terms, Ridgewood’s education is in even worse trouble than we thought.

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