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Unstable Homeless Man Arrested Again in Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, once again Ridgewood Police arrest the homeless man who has at time terrorized the central business district . The Ridgewood blog has reported for months on  the deification, harassment , lude  and violent behavior of this individual . The Ridgewood police department has patiently dealt with him for months , arresting him on several occasions . This individual has clearly demonstrated that he is both the threat to public safety and a danger to himself .


13 thoughts on “Unstable Homeless Man Arrested Again in Ridgewood

  1. He was deified?

  2. #GinormousGarageHousing

    Give this guy a suite already.

  3. Bail Reform

  4. Obviously this individual has a few problems, there’s got to be some kind of housing for him. We are paying everyone else for housing and benefits and so on. But because he’s probably white he’s bouncing around the system.

    1. he need medical supervision

  5. Take this fucker out b4 he kills someone.
    You know this is exactly where this is going.
    Law won’t address the issue?
    Then the concerned citizens of Ridgewood will.

  6. mental illness is the problem and so far the police and md professional are unable to do anything
    to treat a person who refuses care

    there needs to be some NEW policy … recommended by the medical professionals (not the government) to address these problems with the mentally illness homeless

    very sad this person was someone son??? father ? brother? friend? he needs help i hope he receives it .. not short term … but long term assistance to help him control his emotions and behavior

  7. many individuals in this position We need to start helping people instead of hurt them. With everything that’s going on in the state there has to be a facility that can handle us. And I don’t wanna hear they don’t have the funds.

  8. One way trip to Pennsyltucky.

    Are we going to wait until he hurts someone…?

  9. Can we ship him to Newark and hope he doesn’t return? (sort of like trapping chipmunks and relocating them) 🙂 🙂

  10. Some of these comments are hilarious! Interesting to see how quick everyone become charitable. If this man is harassing people, and has a run in with law enforcement multiple times he should be asked to stop entering the town. Ask for restraining order and if he enters send him to jail. He has no business being here

  11. Here’s how stupid you are…
    “He should be asked to stop entering the town”.
    Restraining order?
    Under who’s order?
    Send him to jail? He’ll be out in a hour.
    Because YOU voted for the liberal assholes and bail reform.
    You make this mess it’s your problem now.

  12. Oh yea?
    Somebody’s father, brother, son, friend?
    Where the fuck are these people now Diane?
    Your so concerned why not swing around in your suburban and toss him a sandwich.
    Another Ridgewood Karen is trying to enlighten us.

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