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US Census: There are More Unmarried Women than Unmarried Men in a Population


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Ridgewood NJ, the odds of finding a potential mate in the United States were in men’s favor in 2019; there were 89.8 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau analysis.

When there are more unmarried women than unmarried men in a population, it can have various social and demographic implications. This gender imbalance can be the result of several factors, including differences in life expectancy, migration patterns, and cultural or societal norms. Here are some potential implications of having more unmarried women than unmarried men in the U.S. or any society:

  1. Challenges in Finding Partners: Unmarried women may face more competition when seeking potential partners, which can make it more challenging for them to find suitable matches, especially if they have specific preferences or expectations.
  2. Delayed Marriage: The gender imbalance might contribute to delayed marriage for both men and women, as there may be fewer available partners or less pressure to settle down.
  3. Diverse Relationship Dynamics: With a surplus of unmarried women, it can lead to various relationship dynamics, such as polygamy, open relationships, or unconventional partnerships, as people seek alternative ways to form romantic connections.
  4. Migration Patterns: If the gender imbalance is driven by migration patterns, it may have cultural and ethnic implications, as different groups may have varying norms and customs regarding marriage and relationships.
  5. Economic Independence: Women in a society with more unmarried women might be more economically independent and self-reliant, as they may have to support themselves without relying on a spouse’s income.
  6. Social and Economic Impacts: It can have broader societal and economic impacts, as marriage patterns influence family structures, household finances, and even birth rates. Fewer marriages and delayed marriages can lead to changes in family demographics.
  7. Impact on Dating and Relationship Norms: A surplus of unmarried women can influence dating and relationship norms, as it may shift the dynamics of courtship and lead to changes in gender roles and expectations within relationships.
  8. Policy Implications: Governments and policymakers may need to consider the gender imbalance when designing social policies related to family support, healthcare, and retirement, as it can affect the distribution of resources and care responsibilities.

8 thoughts on “US Census: There are More Unmarried Women than Unmarried Men in a Population

  1. What bitter single middle-aged man wrote this? LOL.

    The fact that you seeing a statistic that there are a more single women prompts you to write a list of what’s bad about there being so many single women,…

    Instead of seeing that statistic as an indictment of what’s so wrong with the single men that there are so many women who say, “no thanks, Id rather be single”….It’d be much funnier if it weren’t so sad.

    But don’t get me wrong, it’s still funny.

    1. a “Karen” has spoken, lol … not much in the post that would indicate this type of analysis, its just a summery of a US Census research,

      btw because of the something called the internet nice attractive and smart women are all at your finger tips no need to put up with self entitled american girls who want you to be their mother .

      met my wife that way ….

      1. Incels need to search for foreign women online. Sad but true

    2. ah yes the stereotypical response

    3. yikes…no wonder you are single

    4. I was thinking the same. Incel with a keyboard.

  2. This probably reflects the fact that men don’t live as long, more widows than widowers. There probably isn’t much of a difference between 18-55.

  3. From what I hear a lot of women have a lot of toys in their drawer. Which they need to relieve that stress which is a good thing. But the ones that have their own career and make big money they don’t need no man. That’s why they go down to Atlantic City for a girls weekend, right you know, come on .huhhh

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