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Vandalism Reported At Orchard and Willard Schools in Ridgewood

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at Monday nights Ridgewood Board of Education meeting the Ridgewood Board of Education conducted an overview of vandalism occuring by trespassers at two of our schools, Orchard and Willard, this summer was reviewed. A child has been injured after falling on broken glass with the most recent incident.

Superintendent Schwarz  mentioned addition measure the district was looking into  to combat vandalism , these included more signage, and better surveillance  .

The Superintendent  stressed to residents how important it is to please let the Ridgewood Police Department know if you see any suspicious activity. The District will be implementing additional measures to help ensure that this does not occur again.


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7 thoughts on “Vandalism Reported At Orchard and Willard Schools in Ridgewood

  1. Cameras pick up anything ?

  2. They should specify what kind of vandalism occurred. Why the need to hide it? And what does “more signage means”? Putting a sign that says “please do not vandalize our school” probably won’t work.

    1. Beer bottles left on the property

  3. We should start with better spelling of servalence

  4. Just an excuse to exert more control and monitoring of YOUR children.

  5. If it was one of my children who had done this, I would expect them to be suitably corrected. Years ago we had a Community Board which was handed all minor delinquencies so that they could give an appropriate punishment. This usually involved some beneficial community activity with a warning that the next time it would be sent to the Court in Hackensack. We could certainly use a system like this today.

    1. …way to hand over your parenting responsibilities to the state.

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