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The Ridgewood Community is Invited to “Meet the Manager” Meeting on Monday, September 18th at Village Hall

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood community is invited to “Meet the Manager” meeting on Monday, September 18th at Village Hall. All are invited to share ideas, concerns and opinions. Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark resigned to become the new village manager of Ridgewood. Kazmark previously served as Elmwood Park clerk and administrator and as the administrator in Parsippany.  In addition to his former mayoral duties, Kazmark also served as the administrator in Woodland Park.

The Borough of Woodland Park was chartered by the State of New Jersey to function under a variation of the  Faulkner Act, (similar to the Village of Ridgewood ) Small Municipality Plan of the Optional Municipal Charter Law form of government.

Village Manager Keith Kazmark introduced himself to a bunch of Facebook groups on Monday July 17th:

Good afternoon, my name is Keith Kazmark and I am the new Village Manager here in Ridgewood. Transparency and communication are two major priorities for my office as I enter this role. Please consider following all that is happening here in the Village by clicking below.

Keith Kazmark

Village Manager

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8 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Community is Invited to “Meet the Manager” Meeting on Monday, September 18th at Village Hall

  1. I am planning to go. Let’s see what he has to say and what his plans are for straightening out some of the systemic problems that exist.

  2. Let’s see how he answers questions regarding Pee Wee’s Pet projects? Or how he side steps them.. This Guy is all Smoke and Mirrors.. Don’t be fooled one bit.

  3. If he answers questions at all

  4. I can’t put my finger on it….

  5. Let’s see how he handles the problems with the staffing.

  6. Oh big change’s coming.

  7. Look the plain and simple fact is that this guy is a politician. That being said, it doesn’t mean that he is a bad person, but if he aligns himself with Paul, Siobahn, Evan and Pam, then he will be marring his reputation as bird of a feather…and these guys are on a seek and destroy mission. All they care about is putting a field over on the Schedler property or things that benefit the CBD (Paul and his various businesses) and pretty much nothing else. Take that away and what have they done? Absolutely nothing. Very sad and telling about the fact that there is no thought partners in our community on matters that really affect us and if we want to be the hot property that they all boast about then we need more than designer garbage cans!

  8. My street was paved!

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