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Verizon cell site now operational at Ridgewood High School?

verison RHS

April 19,2016

by Boyd Loving

Ridgewood NJ, The appearance of a cellular base station antenna on the roof of RHS suggests that the “microcell” cellular telephone site owned & operated by Verizon, proposed early last year, is now in place and fully functional.

When questioned about the installation in January of 2015, a BOE representative said that radio signals from the “microcell” were intended to enhance cellular telephone coverage within RHS. ¬†Reportedly, even residents of nearby Beverly Road and Heermance Place would be unable to benefit from the installation.
Improved cellular telephone coverage was required within the RHS building in connection with enhanced security and communications protocols, or so claimed the BOE at the time the system was proposed.

4 thoughts on “Verizon cell site now operational at Ridgewood High School?

  1. They just got approval in last council meeting to install these on their utility poles on morningside road near willard school. Susan Knudsen wanted to send out letter to residents informing them about the towers before they were approved and Roberta pushed back to first do the approval and then inform the residents.
    Repeat of what we have seen with her.

  2. 7:29. This is vintage Roberta, Paul, Gwenn, and Albert. Do it first, before anyone knows, and then later deflect questions. Bike lane under the tracks, health barn, parking referendum (Gwen tellin Amy Nidds at the train station JUST VOTE YES AND WE WILL WORRY ABOU THE DTAILS LATER). So glad the three of them realized they could not possibly be reelected. So glad the new crew will push Roberta up the door on her righteous arse.

  3. There are actually going to be 2 new cell sites near Willard. On Morningside and on Sherwood. Verizon said they’re not intended to improve coverage at Willard, but to improve coverage in the general area. Now ask yourself this question: What Councilperson lives closest to the affected area and would stand to benefit by improved coverage? Yes, Gwenn Hauck.

  4. Have these things been proven not to cause cancer?

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