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Village Council Meetings Filled With Mayor Miscues

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Ridgewood NJ, more and more people are tuning in each week to see how many screw-ups our new mayor manages to fit into one Village Council meeting.

This week, a few examples:
1. He forgot about the proclamations for Colorectal Cancer Awareness, Red Cross Month, and Poison Control.  He was too busy rushing down to have his photo taken with the EMS and Special Operations officers who were going to be sworn in.  He had to be reminded to go back to the dais so the proclamations could be read in the order of the agenda.
2. He singled out one of nine EMS people who were being sworn in and stated that he took extra special pleasure in swearing in that one person.  He did not say why,  Just basically left the other 8 feeling less than extra special.
3. He announced that he was not paying attention at one point.
4. He failed to understand that a continuation of a public hearing means that it will continue at the next public meeting.  The Village Attorney had to explain this to him.  You know, because the Mayor has only been on the council for more than a year, and is also an attorney, so why would he understand this common procedure?
5. He referred to the swearings-in as “the best part of the evening.”  A resident who had waited in line to speak pointed out how rude this was to all of the citizens who wanted to make public comments.  This, from the man who is always going on and on about how much he values citizen engagement.
6. He completely forgot about the people on the phone at the end of the second public comments section.  He attempted to close public comments, and had to be reminded that people were patiently waiting on the phone.  This from the man who incessantly pats himself on the back about virtual call-ins.
7. He inexplicably had an extra meeting scheduled for 7:30 (as well as the pre-meeting meeting which was scheduled for 6:30).  Then he took the 7:30 agenda items and put them on the 8:00 meeting, and moved the 6:30 pre-meeting to 7:30.  The website was updated and then not updated.  All of this was happening late in the afternoon.  People were trying to dial in to the 7:30 public meeting, having no idea that it had vaporized.  Get it together Mr. Mayor.
As someone pointed out, you can give up HBO and Netflix, and just be entertained by the shenanigans of Mayor Paulie.
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19 thoughts on “Village Council Meetings Filled With Mayor Miscues

  1. Pee Wee makes a lot of mistakes. Only cares about his restaurant.

  2. Paul is a joke. Sadly he is a very bad joke

  3. He is a clown. No respect for him at all


  5. Mayor is nothing more than a photo op

  6. Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Snoopy could do a better job! This person is truly unsuited for Mayor. How do we get rid of him? What is our paid lawyer doing about this incompetency?

  7. Vagina is so far out of his league. It is embarassing

    1. have sent multiple emails to the village council for an update …no response. too busy wasting time on schedler. yes ridgewood is further from the site vs glen rock but for those living on the border of glen rock there is an air quality concern.

    2. At today’s 03.10.23 construction meeting (attended by no one from Ridgewood) the implosion was announced. It will occur on Saturday, April 15th at 8am. We will post the minutes to the meeting tomorrow, once they are completed, to the FAQ. The health and safety of our residents is our priority and the Borough of Glen Rock is committed to advocating for our community and keeping everyone informed. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.

  8. It’s a complete debacle and embarrassment. It feels more like a circus, not a Village Council meeting.

    1. Just wait until he puts up the wall……………

  9. Mayor doesn’t want to do impact studies at Schedler because it will show his incompetencies in black and white. A smart man would use the studies to shut everyone up. Oh and because it the right thing to do.

  10. Please stop calling him vagina. That is insulting to women everywhere. That’s a useful, critical, and pleasant organ. It plays a major role in the survival of the human race. Vagianos is none of the above.

    1. She’s right.
      Vaginas should only be worn on hats by angry women during parades.

  11. You are very disrespectful to the man and his family. Grow up!

  12. It’s our Doody to explore legal avenues.

  13. Its just not the Mayor. You have the Deputy Mayor right up there with him.

  14. All four of them are useless wastes. The Vag only cares about his fancy title, I’m sorry Mayor Vag. George Costanza is probably the smartest one of the bunch because just keeps his mouth shut and votes as he told. Pam loves to hear herself speak and drones on and on trying to sound intelligent while failing miserably. And then there’s the twit. Wow. She is a complete and total dumpster fire, but she is a very prolific provider of content for this blog.

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