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Village of Ridgewood Council Pushes Tax Increase :Civility Absent from Mr. Hallaby’s Comments

Rkidgewood Village Council Meeting

file photo by Boyd Loving

April 14,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj ,The Village Council introduced a $47.7 million budget Wednesday, which according to the PATCH would result in the average homeowner’s municipal tax bill going up $67.40, or 1.6 percent, if the $31.8 million tax levy is approved. Whats happened to the 0% ??

The Village council meeting on April 13th produced several proclamations .Of the several proclamations this evening, two are of interest.

April is Tree Planting Month in the Village. There was no mention of any plantings by the village, just that residents should consider planting a tree. Also that we should be mindful of our wooded areas. No mention of clear cutting the Schedler woods which would be a great place to begin.

May 1-7 is Drinking Water Week.Once again no mention of the contaminated sites which should have been remediation 8 years ago.

The Budget Presentation:  We will have a Qualified Purchasing Agent on the payroll. No mention of how this job has been handled in the past and what the salary will be. There will be a tax increase of 1.6 percent ( I believe that is correct) and a budget hearing in May.

Public comment: Ellen McNamara spoke to the democratic process and the success of the petitions that have postponed the garage project with the possibility of reducing its size.  Lorraine Reynolds brought up how the petitioners were maligned and treated as malcontents when in actuality they were able to inform us all about the 12-18 foot encroachment on Hudson Street and other details that would have made the garage a huge disaster for the area/ CBD not to mention that they have saved us money! Rurik Halaby chastised the petitioners as liars and against any parking garage what so ever.  He prattled on and on Boyd Loving said,” Enough is enough!). As usual Mr. Hallaby’s entire statement was full of hyperbole, inaccuracies and untruths.

And of course Ordinance 3523 ( Albert’s ordinance regarding video taping at public meetings) brought about some  discussion as the proper wording and ordinance # was not available to the public.  Ellie Gruber stated in Public Comment that she was against the ordinance in general as it is not enforceable and it addresses a non issue since all public meetings are in the public domain and can be shared on social media, etc.

20 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Council Pushes Tax Increase :Civility Absent from Mr. Hallaby’s Comments

  1. Halaby and his cranky wife are allowed to be rude as you please and give dirty looks, but everyone else is not civil.

  2. Ellen and Lorraine were aces. They pointed out every lie and inappropriate action taken by the Mayor and Roberta, all while being upbeat and positive. Halaby is the most ridiculous joke of a person, he really is pitiful.

  3. She , Halaby’s wife, makes no mention of importance of planting milkweed and other pollinators in one’s yard. Everything is about public display at Twinney’s.

    Gwenn spoke about how therapeutic she felt at Twinney’s with the Halaby team in nature. Did she feel therapeutic killing those turtles at Habernickel, the turtles an endangered species.

    NIMBY to Nature. Not in my backyard will I be a good steward of the land. I will use herbicides and pesticides to get rid of all those pesky bees and butterflies etc. Not in my backyard , in Schedler, will I allow trees that provide habitats for wildlife and provide buffers from pollution, needed for oxygen.

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Halaby are disgrace to these open public meetings.

  5. I need to stop reading this blog. It further solidifies my thought that I live among the crazies. Cannot wait to move when my kids graduate……….

  6. Gwenn WAS at twinney and DID speak about how therapeutic. She didn’t mention she stayed to the side during clean up and didn’t get her gorgeous sweater dirty. She didn’t clean a thing.

  7. Has anyone noticed that Rurik has not made any comments on this blog lately ? Maybe his handlers at the Crown Jewel told him to back off since his comments were not making any sense, even to them.

  8. Mrs. Halaby’s so-called Conservancy can keep their ten million daffodils, too. Not native and the leaves are hideous except during the brief blooming season.

  9. 2 more years. HS graduation. Charming center hall colonial for sale within walking distance to CBD and bus/rail stations.

  10. 1:19. Lol!!

  11. Bill H he (Rurik) is lurking here just waiting for the right time to strike

  12. 4:25 Boy, I certainly hope so !!!

  13. Rurik is a Stanford man (at least he “attended”) he won’t fall for you cajoling. I used a Rurik word.

  14. Rurik’s valley project is approved. He can retire now.

  15. Let’s not forget that the video ordinance is being pushed because Aronsohn was caught on video acting badly and lying at the HPC meeting. He wasn’t set up, he was not even suppose to be at that meeting but came to intimidate residents who were questioning the HPC on their support of a garage 12 feet on the street before the November vote, whereas Paul, et al. did not disclose the 12 foot floor plan to the HPC. Not, because members were upset that it wasn’t announced.

  16. The whole video ordinance is so ridiculous. So much discussion going into an unenforceable stupid regulation.

  17. Along the same lines as 1:19pm. 3 years, East side Colonial. Walking distance to RHS and Town. Cannot wait to GTFO.

  18. Wait till you get the BOED tax increase.

  19. Have fun with your tax increase and absolutely absurd BOE budget. Are you people really that stupid enough to hang around here? West side CHC with pool and new HVAC. 2 years left of high school but it sure as hell is not happening here. Good riddance.

  20. 10:48 You’ve got it right. And if the Valley proposal goes through you will have another Morristown in New Jersey. Those who do stay will have the “privilege” of paying higher taxes AND watching what was once an excellent town to live in go south. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out.

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