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Ridgewood NJ, according to Village of Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache  this is the latest update on coronavirus cases in Ridgewood  is as follows :

The most recent numbers in RIDGEWOOD are as follows:

Positive: 190
Pending: 1
Negative: 205
Deaths: 14

**We are working on providing the numbers on residents who have recovered. We will share that information once we have it.**
Please continue to do your part in working together to contain and prevent the spread of the virus by adhering to proper social distancing practices, washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, and staying home if you feel sick. Be well, stay safe, and encourage others to do the same.


  1. The death number (14) could stand some elaboration. Start with their names.

  2. Did we really actually had 14 people passed away in the village Ridgewood. That is terrible, God bless them.

  3. How manny first responders in town are sick.

  4. Awful news….thoughts and prayers to the families of those who have passed.

    With that said, still see knucklehead families having friends to the house for drinks w their kids together drawing w chalk in the driveway.

  5. Just because someone tests positive for Covid-19, that doesn’t mean that they are suffering. Th majority of people who test positive have no symptoms, and many others just feel like they have a little allergy issue.

  6. When oh when is our sainted Mayor going to tell us how many who were positive have RECOVERED? He always includes some BS about how they are working on getting the recovery numbers. What is there to work on? Please, give us the good news along with the bad.

  7. Also, when will we know how compromised the people who died were PRIOR to contracting COVID-19.
    If you are a life long pack a day smoker and are in a nursing home, you are as likely to die from the flu, pnemonia, lung cancer as you are from corona virus.
    It’s a diferent story if you are a healthy 35 year old…

  8. i heard that the younger ones who have died may have been ‘vaping’ fans…. which prob isnt good for the lungs

  9. From my experience as being a nurse and a local medical Association. Some individuals do test positive and don’t have any symptoms they are just a carrier. Then we have individuals that test negative but they have all the symptoms everybody’s different. The bottom line is if you don’t feel well stay home visit your doctor go from there.

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