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Ridgewood NJ, according to Village of Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache  this is the latest update on coronavirus cases in Ridgewood  is as follows :

The most recent numbers in RIDGEWOOD are as follows:

Positive: 208
Pending: 0
Negative: 279
Deaths: 23

**We are working on providing the numbers on residents who have recovered. We will share that information once we have it.**
Please continue to do your part in working together to contain and prevent the spread of the virus by adhering to proper social distancing practices, washing hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, and staying home if you feel sick. Be well, stay safe, and encourage others to do the same.


  1. I guess it was no joke was it .Look how many people passed away just in Ridgewood over this. Some people thought it was just bullshit back in March ,guess not. This is what happens when people talk and have their head up their ass.Everyone’s a doctor. Thank you

  2. Are the 23 who died Ridgewood residents, or does that number include valley patients from other towns.

  3. OR are the 23 nursing home residents in the village . it would be helpful to know

  4. Its not Bullshit, but it IS hysterical overreaction.

    BTW, Heart Disease, Influenza, Diabetes, et. al. are ALSO not bullshit (and kill more than COVID-19), but they do not garner this hysterical overreaction.

    Get your facts straight.

  5. Yeah yeah , wash your hands

  6. How many residents died last winter in ridgewood?

  7. You sound very very uninformed my little flower. Individuals who have heart disease high blood pressure diabetes or not spreading an illness, what is wrong with you. We are talking about viruses and flu‘s colds that spread in the air. You need to stop drinking all that water with chlorine in it.

  8. influenza deaths are comporable (but less this year) than COVID-19.
    In a “bad” influenza season, the death rate is SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER than the COVID-19 Rate.
    Yet, we STILL do not overreat in this hysterical manner.
    Get your facts straight and stop just parroting media ratings grabbing talking points.

  9. Thanks for the comparison with influenza … again.
    Let’s look at the numbers:
    Average influenza deaths over the last 10 years about 37,00 per year
    The high number was a couple of years ago 61,000 deaths from approximately 45,000,000 infections.
    These numbers occurred without social distancing, face masks, and shutdowns.
    To suggest that the numbers are comparable when the situations are SO different is disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst.
    COVID-19 is at least twice as contagious as most types of influenza by recent measures (using RO, basic reproduction number.)
    If we extrapolate the confirmed cases vs. deaths using the 45 million cases number above, we would be looking at 2,345,000 million deaths from COVID-19. Those numbers for influenza are for the worst year recently, but even if you halve that number, it is still well in excess of ONE MILLION DEAD from COVID-19 if we react to it the same way we react to the flu.
    If we let COVID-19 spread like influenza spreads in an average year we will be looking at a catastophe of immense proportions. Please stop trying to falsely equate this virus with the flu.

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