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Village of Ridgewood Garbage pickup will remain Curbside and The Recycling Center is Open

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Garbage pickup will remain curbside, until further notice, to allow for crews to be able to pick up all garbage according to the existing schedule, because the volume of garbage picked up has almost doubled. Please remember to bring your garbage to the curb in your garbage can, so that animals do not get into it before it is picked up and for the protection of our Village employees.

The Recycling Center, located on East Glen Avenue, is open for residential recycling, and cardboard recycling from businesses in Ridgewood’s Central Business District.  No commercial landscapers will be accepted.  Please remain in your vehicle when dropping off your recycling, open your trunk, and our crews will remove the recycling. Once the recycling has been removed from the trunk of your vehicle, then please drive away.


12 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Garbage pickup will remain Curbside and The Recycling Center is Open

  1. Great news thank you.

  2. Times like this the recycling yard should be open on a Sunday. That would be a big help for the residence.

  3. Why on earth would the current situation require the Recycling Center to be open on Sundays? Did you really think that one through? If anything, it’s far easier to go there on any of the other six days being that everyone is home.

  4. Not everyone is home arrogant poster. Guess you’re not a nurse or a sanitation worker! Or an Amazon employee or delivery person.

  5. Many of us work during the week then Sunday is very convenient for Maddie. In Glenrock the recycling yard is open for that nature. I work Monday through Saturday from 8 to 4. So I don’t have the convenience of going those days Sunday it would be nice if the yard was open half a day

  6. Oh, okay then. I guess the Village taxpayers will be on the hook for the additional overtime needed so that you can go there on a Sunday, you arrogant resident.

  7. You sound like you are pro blue law. Typical hypocrite. There’s no reason why the center can open a half day. Just like Glenrock. And as a taxpayer we are paying police, fire, EMTs, water department, Water Pollution employees, people to be on call standby, so what are you saying please pull your head out of your wooden shoe asshole.

  8. I am older an can get the garbage to the curb. Ridiculous

  9. They should leave Sanitation at the curb for now on. It’s working out very well.

    Thank you

  10. They should leave..,

    That was plan All along so they go home by 12:30 full days pay

    We are saps

  11. Stop your bitching as recycling will soon be a thing of the past. It’s just to expensive now. China up until April was taking all your waste but not anymore. Per ton it costs the town more to get rid of it as the revenue stream has gone.
    It’s all being commingled and land filled, you just don’t know it. Stop wasting your time and burning village resources.

  12. That’s so true so then commingle it then. All the tree huggers will cry. I don’t recycle I really don’t give a shit.

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