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Village of Ridgewood ; Leaves, Deer, Volunteers and Thanksgiving

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Dear Friends at the Ridgewood blog,

Fall is always a busy time of the year!  And this year is no exception. I would like to bring your attention to some important timely issues.

  1. Leaf Collection – We continue to follow the established leaf collection schedule.The orange flyer recently mailed to your home explains when to put leaves in the street. The schedule is also posted on our website  If you employ the services of a landscaper, please communicate your schedule with them.  Once leaves are placed in the street, Village crews will be collecting these leaves AFTER the date listed for each area.  For further information, please call 201/670-5585.
  2. Deer Activity – We are seeing growing evidence of deer activity.Please drive carefully and be aware of a family of deer living near the busy Prospect and Maple intersection area: as well as other areas of the.At this time of year especially, deer have been known to dash across the street and have been hit by cars.
  3. Board/Committee Vacancies – There are some vacancies on several Village boards and committees for resident volunteers to serve. The Community Relations Advisory Board; Library Board of Trustees; Planning Board; Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board; Open Space Committee; Project Pride Committee; Environmental Advisory Committee; The Green Team Advisory Committee; The Shade Tree Commission; The Central Business District Advisory Committee (member of the Ridgewood Guild) and the Stigma-free Task Force have openings for volunteers. Please submit a cover letter indicating why you wish to serve on a particular board/committee; a resume or biography; a Citizen Volunteer Leadership form to the Village Clerk’s Office by November 30th.
  4. Thanksgiving Holiday – In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, Village Offices will be closed Thursday, November 24th and Friday November 25th.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather A. Mailander
Acting Village Manager
201-670-5500, ext. 203

3 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood ; Leaves, Deer, Volunteers and Thanksgiving

  1. Dear Heather: Thank you very much for the $85 ticket for having my leaves in the street 1.5 days early. I noticed that the Village was 5 days late picking them up according to the same schedule. How can you hold us to a schedule that the Village can’t keep to itself? I really don’t care when you pick up the leaves, just stop with this very arbitrary and obvious tax.

  2. They were late for the first pickup in my neighborhood…

  3. @11:31, really? You should thank them, that gives you 5 more days to add to the pile! And for the record, it never says a pickup date but rather provides a guideline where it is reasonably safe to put leaves in the street because a pickup will be coming shortly. The reason for the fine is to keep the streets as clear and safe as possible until the next pickup is near. It says very clearly not to put the leaves out early…why would you think that doesn’t apply to you? Are you the same “special” type person that thinks it’s ok for you to speed down the local streets and the speed limits apply to others?

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