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Village of Ridgewood Mayor Target of Recall Drive

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, concerned with the direction of the Village a group of Ridgewood residents are organizing a recall drive against the current Mayor Paul Vagianos. Close to 5,000 signatures are required .

A Facebook post from Dana Glazer

Friends, I hope you are starting to understand that the current Mayor and Village Council will not stop just with ramming through an irresponsible sports complex and disregarding the needs and safety of the neighbors in its proximity. Other inappropriate and harmful projects will no doubt be forthcoming. The only remedy is a recall election of this Mayor to mitigate the pending damage. It gives me no pleasure to suggest this but unfortunately it is what’s necessary.

**UPDATE** if you are interested in signing a recall petition, please send your name and home address to and we’ll be in touch for when we are up to speed. If you are interested in being a petitioner, please specify that as well. Thanks!

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76 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood Mayor Target of Recall Drive

  1. Hooray!

    1. I’ll hooray with you if they include Pam into the recall.

  2. Same writeup as months ago
    Zero progress.

    1. Pay attention. Clearly states this is an update.

      1. Same bs update

  3. My guess is DG was picked last in every sport growing up 🤡

    1. Hey Dodgeball Chump, nothing can be said to change or deflect that Paul Vagianos is historically the absolute worst, incompetent and deceitful Mayor Ridgewood has ever had.

      1. Don’t really care who the mayor is. They come and go, I worry about my household first and foremost aNONymous

        1. It is really sad that whether you are still or ever were a dodgeball champ, you really don’t get it. We are all worried about our households first and foremost. let that really sink in. Why don’t you marinate in that a while, or maybe ask your spouse or close friends with what that means if municipal government doesn’t care about all of our collective families. Safety first, then designer garbage cans.

      2. Must be a demorat

    2. Maybe I missed it but who is DG ?

    3. My guess is Dodgeball Champ was one of the kids who laughed at and bullied others for getting picked last? Just a thought based on your comment.

  4. Paul is not doing the right thing by Ridgewood with their tax dollars.

    Pau-lie has his head screwed on backwards when it comes to the priorities in our Village related to health and safety.

    At one point even considering a furlough for Village staff due to budget constraints, all the while putting money into buckets for an artificial turf field at Schedler.

    Also bringing in a convicted historic consultant, also shady, and using his personal email to communicate with the guy. The contract includes providing the Shister with legal counsel. Go ahead OPRA.

    Have people also forgotten that he literally censored and “hide” residents comments on his Facebook page. Or that Jason DeAlessi (Owns News outlet TapInto Ridgewood) is his Facebook administrator.

    1. Also he made bank through healthbarns Feed the Frontlines. Where did millions of NJ tax payers money go. To HB and Paul? Just curious and worth looking into

  5. Paul’s report card as mayor so far is an F- and is historically always been positioned in favor of failure ideas; Valley Hospital expansion, massive garage, pedestrian plaza, dining corrals, historic tax increase, work furloughs, service cuts, turf fields, snatching residents property through force, lying on grant applications…it goes on and on.

    1. Are the grant applications the ones that gave healthbarn at habernicke park millions of dollars. Did Paul’s restaurants and real estate benefit from those millions? Did the Healthbarn?

  6. Keep digging and exposing
    1) Paul Vagianos a founder of Ridgewood Feed the Frontline

    2) Feed the Frontline is siphoned through Ridgewood HealthBarn

    3) On behalf of Feed the Frontline, Ridgewood HealthBarn applies and collects 4+ Million through the
    New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s “Sustain and Serve” grant program.

    4) Receipts obtained via OPRA to the NJEDA show most of all the businesses listed above as beneficiaries with Paul Vagianos signing off.

    5) Through food pantries and organizations throughout Bergen County, they claim to have fed millions of local healthcare workers, first responders and people while supporting local restaurants. However, an accounting ledger or receipts to/from the pantries and organizations is yet to be seen.

    1. Got my answer. YES. HB and our mayor seems to have made bank off a pandemic. So sad

    2. There has to be a way to get this info. That is 4 million dollars!!!! Where is the money. It went through the Healthbarn Records need to be produced

      1. Who did they feed and where? We need proof and clear details on any first responders and organizations who actually benefitted.

  7. Yes!!! RECALL PAUL and CAN PAM
    Then, hold the play book and 6 months later Wipe Out Winograd and Weitz. All of them lied on their running platform and are a block of corruption . NO MORE!

    1. No more corruption. Yes. Get the HB records and feed the frontline records. They should be public. 4 million dollars!!!

    2. They consider it cherry picking not lying, but not to those paying attention it is lying and manipulation. So slimy. Wipe out everyone but Lorraine who is the only impartial council person with a ny kind of good judgement on that dais.

  8. I’m sending an email today! And will gladly help spread the word to other residents. Let’s get this going!

  9. Perfect timing! The summer is coming to an end and people are back to business. Count me in. I’ll start a chapter in my neighborhood.

  10. Easy Peasy! Let’s do this!
    1) File an application to circulate a recall petition.
    2) Circulate a recall petition and gather a specified number of signatures in a specified period of time.
    3) Submit petitions to election officials for verification of signatures.
    4) Hold a recall election.

    Even if the election doesn’t go as planned, you don’t go down without a fight and you let voters know the truth about Paul and the corruption block. So many are unaware.

    1. Paul Vagianos has shown through his voting record, to be acting against the desires of his constituents. His actions, or lack of, in Council meetings (public and closed sessions) are unbecoming of an elected official. There has been additional behavior he has been involved in which is unethical, such as lack of transparency, political intimidation, conflicts of interests and failure to recuse amongst other things. Get him out!

  11. Dana, always on the wrong side of every Ridgeood issue. Crying because he only has 7 friends who agree.

    If you disagree with him, find a better candidate and vote in the next November council election. Stop being a cry baby.

    1. Actually, Dana isn’t on the wrong side of this issue and many people, publicly or privately agree. It is not easy to put your name to something and actually fight for what you believe in, rather than many of us hiding behind our keyboards afraid to say what we really feel, except maybe at a dinner party among friends. At least he has a voice and is using it and there are many people throughout Ridgewood who do not think Paul, our Mayor (elected by the Village council not the voters) is doing the right thing by the residents who live here.

  12. The only person on the wrong side of almost every issue Ridgewood is facing IS Paul and his merry band of nitwits (Evan, Siobahn and Pam) as all they care about is a sports field and designer garbage cans. Ridgewood can’t hire more cops (only 1 out of the 5 requested) but yet we have money for a sports complex?

  13. This man makes Aronson look good!!! The vag has got to go!!!!!!!

  14. I often dont agree with Dana Glazer, but when he gets involved he gets involved and gets it done

    1. Maybe I missed it but has Dana Glazer done ?

  15. the three dopes need to go

  16. voters only have themselves to blame

  17. Ridgewood has the most uniformed voters in a state of dumb voters

  18. and who voted for this guy?

  19. Paul’s not worried.

    He KNOWS that he will be easily reelected since we are

    1. based on the voting, looks like the RICH and STUPID contingent will easily reelect Paul…

  20. Can someone please explain to many of us what his voters and supporters see in him?? And please stop the rich& stupid comment. It’s offensive. Bottom line, he is a doucebag!!!

    1. if you are a business or an investment property owner in the central business district like he is, he’ll do anything to generate traffic. He pushed to get the pedestrian plaza going again, (not a success), and for the sports community, he saw a golden opportunity to get their votes and perhaps other things, by promising a sports complex on the Schedler property and wanted it so badly that he tried to gaslight the residents who live there into believing that this is for their benefit and good for Ridgewood overall, despite a public outcry and petitions opposing this based on health, safety and environmental concerns (unlike any other area in Ridgewood as it is directly on Rt 17) and the fact that there are fields not being used or flooding problems that never get fixed. For the majority of Ridgewood residents (his other constituents), he has done nothing to instill any confidence in his abilities to lead and when your Village CFO tells you there is no money (like for additional police officers and they almost had to furlough Village workers a few months ago), and you still continue to be obsessed, yes, obsessed, there is something that signals a high level of potential impropriety.

      1. they sports folks and the mayor are looking for turf kick backs ?

        1. Most likely, yes, some kind of kickback or wsy to get personal gain through his businesses/restaurant. Someone should also be looking into his relationship with this Primavera chatacter, the shady historic adviser, who has had a bit of a checkered past and legal issues, personal and professional…Paul invited him right into village hall last year, before he was even mayor, and was corresponding with him via his personal email. Isn’t this a big no no in municipal government? Talk about a playbook, you can’t make this stuff up!

          1. And his relationship with feed the frontlines and healthbarn

        2. Maybe that is why they are pushing so hard.

    2. “Can someone please explain to many of us what his voters and supporters see in him?? “


      We’re RICH and STUPID

      Truth is Truth… no matter how painful.

    3. Hey! We have standards.

  21. Vagianos is a crook.

  22. Maybe that is why they are pushing so hard.

  23. His recent sound bite was, “We didn’t put PFAS in the water but we’re going to get it out!” They should do a full scale investigation on how it got into the water in the first place. All of those people drinking Ridgewood water and swimming in pools. Filters and chlorine don’t kill forever chemicals! Scary and a very real danger!

    1. EPA and NJDEP are looking for potentially responsible parties (PRP). We do know how it for into the water. Why don’t you pick up a newspaper and read instead of looking at the block.

      1. I am not blaming them for the PFAS in Ridgewood water, but their sound bites are downplaying how serious it actually is and if they plan to put turf in other parts of the Village as they have discussed in addition to maintaining what they already have, then yes, I am looking at the majority block, you betcha.

    2. “We didn’t put PFAS in the water but we’re going to get it out!”

      I’d be suspicious of any new menu items at the restaurant. He’d find a way to use it in recipes to make money.

      1. The PFAS at IGTM restaurant is free, silly! You can also get a delicious glass of PFAS water too.

  24. I will believe it when it happens

  25. Disaster of a budget, threats of furloughs, then another paid holiday for Juneteenth.
    Pandering is very expensive.

  26. EPA and NJDEP are looking for potentially responsible parties (PRP). We do know how it for into the water. Why don’t you pick up a newspaper and read instead of looking at the block.

    1. The “block” as you refer to it as, is normally responsible for every bad decision facing Ridgewood today. The block has a playbook and an agenda for personal and professional gain, that much is clear. Paul does what he can to help his business and investments, Siobahn, wants to help the sports community and is rumored to be working to start a soccer team with her husband. Pam is a sheep who just goes along with Paul 99% of the time and Evan is just there and generally has no clue what is going on. They really all should be wiped out and clean slate this council.

      1. I meant blog

      2. I think “the block” was a typo for “the Blog.”

  27. I’d still like to know the nature of the relationship between him and a young lady he was sitting next to at the former Wyckoff DMV offices on the afternoon of June 19, 2006. Maybe it was one of his daughters, but maybe not. I’ll never forget what I saw that afternoon.

    1. Paul is an a$&, but you actually remembering this is truly scary.

    2. His youngest daughter was 17 in 2006…figure it out.

    3. They were celebrating Juneteenth.

  28. I’ll try it again, what did Dana Glazer say or do ?

  29. Listen, the village of Ridgewood is one big shit show. There’s so much shit going on that people don’t even know about so much shit is swept under the carpet in Village Hall. You cannot trust management. They are full of shit at the end of the day. It’s all about moving funds around have you noticed the village never comes clean with how much money they have in cash, and investments they keep on saying that they are broke. some of us don’t believe it. And if that’s true, well, they need to start removing employees, and start at the top. All directors should be removed immediately, and they have over extended their stay. Enough is enough.

    1. Eye in the Sky, I agree with you that they need to do a house cleaning. The money that is there or isn’t there isn’t transparent to anyone. They keep moving it around and find it for some things but then don’t have it for others. Plus lots of the people working for the Village make a ton of money and make such serious mistakes with so many things. How are they not accountable? It is really shocking but nothing gets done. Paul and company (majority block) didn’t like Heather so they demoted her and then had to pay her 2 salaries for being a clerk and a manager. How stupid can you actually be. They really have no clue what is going on. It is a total shitshow.

  30. I still want to know how they found this supposed historic consultant and what credentials he’s got. Listening in to the calls, I believe this was raised at several of the meetings and workshops but no answers were ever forthcoming from anyone on the council or the village attorney. If a government agency is paying him, he should have his resume buttoned up pretty tight, but it seems like every project he said he worked seem to be an embellishment and was not true. Isn’t this highly unethical on top of the fact that he was emailing the mayor on his private email. was an investigation ever conducted? It doesn’t seem to bother the council, but if he is not being truthful, this could hurt Ridgewood and these are tax dollars being used so more transparency is in order.

  31. I am sure if we knew half of the things that go on within the village in general our hair would curl. I am also pretty sure that if we knew half of the things Paul was up to, we would also be pretty surprised. Especially given the fact that he is still there. But hopefully not for long.

  32. Jason DeAlessi owns associated with Paul. He also owns TapInto Ridgewood that favors the mayor and majority block council if you read their articles. Hmmmm.

  33. Haha, there are 2 people who commented on ITARV Facebook page saying Paul is doing a great job! One happens to be related to someone who is a selected vendor for Ridgewood, that doesn’t seem bias not does it? I guess they are brave enough to go right out there and put that in writing while 70+ people, like me are saying that he is a devious, sneaky, unethical person who doesn’t deserve to govern here.

  34. If you watched or attended the September 6th, 2023 Village Meeting last night, you saw first hand that the Mayor, Paul Vagianos out and out lied to the residents and others on the council, including the Village attorney. He said he knew nothing about Peter Primavera’s embellishment of his credentials, basically another liar. They deserve eachother, but more importantly what do we do with a mayor who is lying. we Recall Paul!!

  35. interesting he won the election which means most had no idea of what he planned to accomplish
    in office most voted for him didn,t anyone ask him his ideas for this town??????

    and now you all complain and wish to get rid of him???/

    the last 10 years Ridgewood has changed drastically in the wrong direction
    i still remember all the votes in favor of the hugh garage in town and issues after

  36. interesting he won the election which means most had no idea of what he planned to accomplish
    in office most voted for him didn,t anyone ask him his ideas for this town??????

    and now you all complain and wish to get rid of him???/

    the last 10 years Ridgewood has changed drastically in the wrong direction
    i still remember all the votes in favor of the hugh garage in town and issues after

  37. Yeah that recall drive really went places…. Hahahaha….

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