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Village of Ridgewood sanitation truck hits tree on South Pleasent

Village of Ridgewood sanitation truck hits tree on South Pleasent

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook

April 27,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, No injuries were reported following an 8:45 AM Tuesday, 04/26 mishap in front of a single family home located at 486 South Pleasant Avenue, Ridgewood in which a Village of Ridgewood sanitation truck hit a tree, toppling a large portion of it onto the truck. A PSE&G electric division troubleshooter was called to the scene to assist in the removal of an electric wire that became entangled in the fallen tree section. South Pleasant Avenue was closed to traffic between Delaware Avenue and Dorchester Road while a tree crew and PSE&G worked. Electric, phone, and cable TV services to one (1) home were temporarily disrupted. Ridgewood PD and FD personnel were on the scene to ensure the safety of neighboring residents and students in a nearby school.

12 thoughts on “Village of Ridgewood sanitation truck hits tree on South Pleasent

  1. who is the old man in the road, why is he standing in the road with out a safety vest, is he a home owner,

  2. NO he should know better, HE is one of the top managers. Boy o Boy if that was a blue collar worker they would of been written up. This photo will be used and saved if that happens. This will be sent to civil service of n j , the union , the bord of n j labor , and to the press, oh yeah to the managers office and the ridgewood labor attorney matt rogers, NOTE THIS WILL BE DOCUMENT IN ALL VILLAGE FILES. talk about being caught red handed.
    thanks to the photography .

  3. All we can say is karma is going to bit u right in the ass.

  4. I love it , NAILED. DON’T WORY he will come up with a good bull shit story, what else is new, right .

  5. Hey how come he is not in his uniform, A memo went out from his office stating that all employees must be in a village UNIFORM. HE IS NOT. he is wearing a sweat suit, That is two violations noted. one is the safety vest, two is not in a village uniform. Now what, A slap on the hand, would u like me to keep continuing, oh i will.

    thank you , eye in the sky.

  6. OH this going to get good, he looks like a real jack ass now.

  7. Oh my god . Just wait in till the top dogs see this.Talk about looking like a real fool . who is this guy. what is his job in town.

  8. What’s so horrible?

  9. What is the scandal?

  10. yeah right, wake up and open up your eyes,

  11. Much adoo about nothing ?

  12. looks like a simple accident. A truck hit a low hanging branch. happens all the time. no big deal. luckily no one was hurt.

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