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Village Resources being Used to install a Generator for Healthbarn

Habernickel Park Gate House

March 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, 11 homes on hillcrest are still out of power and a transformer is leaking petroleum on the roadway BUT town resources are being used to install a generator for Healthbarn?

2 town trucks are there now! Several tax payers have left the area because of the situation yet the same people who had to leave, their taxes are paying for this generator to run for a business and the man power and gas it will take to keep it running.

24 thoughts on “Village Resources being Used to install a Generator for Healthbarn

  1. Several years ago a taxpayer owned generator from Ridgewood was used to power up the Park Wood deli in Midland Park.

  2. Wow priorities are not the tax payers but the rent payers!!!!

  3. Hillcrest is a disaster right by this business BUT the town is doing that instead of cutting the tree blocking the road

  4. Time to relocate healthbarn…. better check that soil!

  5. Wake up Ridgewood Residents. There are SEVERAL improvements being done at this house – without increasing the rent.
    The rent was set at a price based on certain condition of the house. Since it was rented MULTIPLE improvements was done – and they are HIDDEN in different budget codes (some from parks and recs, some from open space, some in capital improvement), so no one can track them.
    All these expenses should have caused a rent increased. Also watch out in spring and summer – she is going to put out a tent EVERY DAY and occupy the park land and the play area.

  6. Who is she and what are her connections. They must run deep because no other business in town gets this kind of services. The lease is violated over and over again and no one cares! What is the story there!

  7. Who over sees these park and rec employees and in turn who over sees that person??

  8. Just went up there and could not find a generator and didn’t hear one in operation. Anyone?

  9. Looks like someone cleared out the evidence fast.

  10. I just lost all respect for the Village employees who think it’s ok to put a business run by a non resident ahead of tax payers. No matter what they could possibly say they could never justify hooking up a generator so a for profit business can run while surrounding homes & families are suffering. What Hillcrest doesn’t need is more traffic being rerouted just to get to a Healthbarn class or party. If they want to protect the house against pipes freezing then no tenants should be in it. That’s not the case she came during the storm looked like she spent the night (violation against her lease) was at the house today. Neighbors are also at risk of pipes freezing & we are very worried but no clean up happening. It took 2 village trucks to hook the generator up while that was going on I had to be rerouted just to go 1 mile. The village employees that were at the gatehouse could of been picking up branches or trimming hanging branches from trees that would of been a better use of tax payer dollars.

  11. I love it , shit storm

  12. 4:40 there has to be a purchase order for this generator. They can’t hide that.

  13. CONFIRMATION!!!! Mayor Knudsen just posted on FaceBook… “generators (plural) placed at the Gate House will prevent damage from frozen pipes, water heaters, etc. The Village is the property owners and costly repairs would be borne by Ridgewood taxpayers.

  14. What a crock of shit. Mayor will never hear the end of this. She should have not caved in.

  15. Would it not cheaper to drain the water lines and hot water heater?

  16. OK now we’re going to use to help on as a warning location since I live right down the block and I do not have power so I’m going to go use the location 24 seven to charge my phone bring my family to use the bathroom maybe take a shower and stay warm it’s my tax dollars at work if you OK now we’re going to use the Health on as a warning location since I live right down the block and I do not have power so I’m going to go use that location 24 seven to charge my phone bring my family to use the bathroom maybe take a shower and stay warm it’s my tax dollars at work And no one’s going to stop us. How about open up the house and make coffee or tee or Hot chocolate, for the families in that area that can utilize that location. And is the village announcing any of the locations in the town to go as a warming location for families to go god , Can we go to Village Hall 24 seven so my family does not freeze, or do I need to go to church in Paterson

  17. You have got to be kidding!!! Susan, to the best of my knowledge you want to be reelected and you are not brain dead. What does this woman have on the town of Ridgewood? It has to be current or the council would not have done this. I’ll be honest. This present council, you included, have just put the final nail in your coffins. All you have done since taking office is spend, spend, spend. This woman is running a partially illegal operation (Have you ever looked at her insurance or is that something else the Village is paying for?) and taking the whole park for her personal use with, obviously, the council’s permission. I know your sons’ appointments fit legal guidelines but I’m even beginning to partially believe the constant slams about that that you receive. It is beginning to look like that may be the ONLY accomplishment you are going to be able to claim for your actions during this term! Residents and town businesses are suffering and you put generators in a business that is not even earned by a village resident!!! You must think the taxpayers of this town are total idiots and you are proving that with almost every action you take. How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

  18. Are you fucking kidding me? Stacey Antine must have photos of everybody at Village Hall in bed with someone else’s spouse.

  19. This establishes a terrible and costly precedent. From now on, every time the power goes out at Habernickel, the Village will be expected to run up there and put generators (plural) in place.

  20. Drain the water from the house, no generators necessary. Problem.solved. Duh.

  21. @7/55. She def has something because things get done there and no where else!!! I wonder if she slept there again. Her car wa ther all night Wednesday and into Thursday morning. Maybe the generator is to keep her nice and warm while neighbors freeze!!!

  22. 11:51 or may be someone else is using the “hotel”?

  23. 12:26, have you ever tried their Grandma’s Pizza? The square kind. It’s good. 7:34, you have every right to be angry. Using the house as a warming center should have been a no-brainer since no family is living there as in the past.

  24. None of this is right…but remember who put her there…Paul-Qwen-Albert and Roberta.

    Susan and mike did not!!!

    Be careful when u vote…change isn’t always good. It may take us backwards instead of forward!!

    Get rid of Jeff and we have a pretty good council

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