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War Propaganda Chalking at Van Neste Park

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By Charles Stampul
Ridgewood NJ, “Stand with Ukraine” was chalked in the center of Van Neste Park.  Was this done by children? How much do they actually know about Ukraine and the Ukraine conflict?  Please don’t let children be used to promote ill-informed causes.  Show children how to research a topic to get a full understanding of it.

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7 thoughts on “War Propaganda Chalking at Van Neste Park

  1. another Democrat waste of time and money

  2. Biggest money laundering scheme in history

  3. More sheep…

  4. This is news? Lock Brogan up!

    1. Yes it’s news that children or teens are spreading war propaganda. It’s evidence that children in this town are not being educated.

      1. How the hell is “support Ukraine” war propaganda?

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