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We have been Down this Glenwood Road Before

Ridgewood's Glenwood Road to become one way street east of Upper Boulevard

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ in 2017 the NJ Dept of Transportation evaluated the railroad crossing from the Upper Heights of Ridgewood to Ho-Ho-Kus via Glenwood Rd to Brookside Ave. Since 2013 the Ridgewood blog has presented  close too 75 posts on various issues pertaining to Glenwood Road .

At that time they have decided to only allow traffic to flow eastbound (down from Ridgewood to Ho-Ho-Kus) as a oneway street.  The NJDOT decided at that time to only allow traffic to flow eastbound (down from Ridgewood to Ho-Ho-Kus) as a oneway street. The move would prevent people from traveling westbound on the road to get from Ho-Ho-Kus into Ridgewood.

In 2017 there was an  effort by the NJDOT to close the road entirely. Mayor Kundsen pressed the Village of Ridgewood’s case with the NJDOT, and the Village engineer came up with some options to keep the road open . Ho Ho Kus Police ended up making a major enforcement effort  to keep large trucks off Glenwood .

In April the state issued a report calling for a key portion Glenwood Road and Brookside Avenue to become an eastbound-only road. The street, near NJ Transit’s Ho-Ho-Kus Station, is a critical artery between upper Ridgewood neighborhoods and Ho-Ho-Kus.

The street is called Glenwood Road in Ridgewood, but when it crosses NJ Transit tracks into Ho-Ho-Kus, the name changes to Brookside Avenue.

A solution has been in the works since November 2016, when the state, Ridgewood and Ho-Ho-Kus officials first met to discuss complaints to NJ Transit about vehicles on the tracks and whether to close the road completely or make it one way.  In January the NJDOT issued an order  that directs Ridgewood to pass an ordinance declaring the at-grade portion of Glenwood Road one-way.

Ho Ho Kus residents are as irritated as Ridgewood residents over the change and the issue over the years has created a lot of acrimony between the two  towns and  NJ Transit customers .

6 thoughts on “We have been Down this Glenwood Road Before

  1. Is this bridgegate #2? An ex mayor serving in Murphy administration somehow trying to undermine current mayor before election?

  2. Well that comment may be true, but that particular ex-mayor is all over the paper today for his ethics violation.

  3. I drive up and down this road everyday and have never seen an accident. Somebody has nothing else to do and is just trying to create an issue out of nothing. Maybe he/she could get busy paving the miserable roads.

  4. Make it a one way.

  5. Make it one way. Hohokus does not care about it. Residents can drive up Glen Ave for the retirement trip. This is not a hardship, just loss of convenience.

  6. Was that chartered bus going to the public business in the park?

    Why else would it have been navigated that way.

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