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Were Free Dinners in Ridgewood Offered to supporters of Turf Field at Schedler?

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, It is being rumored that free restaurant dinners were offered to selected residents as an incentive for them to attend this past Wednesday’s Ridgewood Village Council meeting and speak in support of an artificial turf field on the former Schedler property.

If anyone who received such an offer is willing to share their experience with The Ridgewood Blog, please drop a note to us at: All replies will be kept under wraps.

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27 thoughts on “Were Free Dinners in Ridgewood Offered to supporters of Turf Field at Schedler?

  1. If this is true, the NJ State AG should be called in to prosecute.

  2. Candidates in the colonial era used to host pig roasts and liberally dispense mead at polling locations.

    Ahhhhhh the good old days….

    1. George Washington threw a big party prior to his first election

    2. But ballots in those days were not secret, so you could tell who took advantage. Possibly that was more ethical……..

      In any case, if someone is telling you about his/her honesty, he/she is probably a crook…………..

  3. No surprise there.

    I’ve never eaten at Pee Wee’s diner.

    1. I hope the money to pay for the dinners didn’t come from the healthbarn and feed the frontlines grants of millions of dollars?!?!

  4. I’m sure it’s true! Cmon folks. Get out of your bubble.. the village council does what it wants and will continue as long as most of the town is high on the maroon cool aid.. The residents in this town ask questions after the fact! It’s kind of like the Town owned contaminated gas station next to Ben & Jerry’s!!! Wells leaking into the ground etc..

    1. Was this part of feed the frontlines and Healthbarn?

    2. Winograd and Weitz won their election 60% – 40%. Sounds like a referendum on the former council if I’ve ever seen one.

  5. Have you seen the bathrooms at his restaurant, gross, your will never eat there

  6. Yes, I heard that this is true! There is a guy who has spoken a few times and I believe he was given this offer. However likely no one will come forward as it is probably the sports people Paul was trying to impress.

  7. so the council mtg on 4/12….opening stmt by winograd…trees trees trees…plant trees, april is tree month…blah blah blah….all why supporting cutting down 7 acres of trees….

  8. Sanitation department never received anything, but yet we work right through Covid, while other departments were staying home or on a rotation basis. We didn’t even get a cup of coffee. And yet in Patterson, they got a party, and they got bonuses anywhere from 1500 to 5000 where did all of the Covid relief money go that the village received. They received supposedly over 15’million. Now, is that true? Maybe yes maybe no but nobody’s talking isn’t that interesting boy they keeping that hush hush talk about tight lip. There’s a few people that know why aren’t they sharing that with the public, or do we need to call channel 12 news?

  9. OMG…just watched the council mtg with pres of rbsa speaking . what a bunch of bs….and how disrespectful to bring 9/11 into this conversation.

  10. the baseball guy speaking after scott muller….said there was only one 60×90 in town which is complete bs….lower hawes is 60×90 and multi purpose field.

    1. Somerville is 60×90 and so is Vets.

      1. Yes so 3- 60-90 fields

  11. Go to work for Paterson.

  12. The sports programs or charitable organizations, need to open their books for full public transparency on how they have the funds to support the development at Schedler. If they have such significant profit, maybe they should lose their charitable designation.

  13. no problem.
    We’re all OK with this because we’re….
    (wait for it)


  14. Question
    Who doesn’t baseball play games on the turf field at Stevens? Definitely large enough from the field closest to RHS out to Street.

  15. It’s not about working in Paterson. It’s about where did all the millions go that the village received from Covid. Why is it? No one wants to answer that question. Someone’s really scared it doesn’t make any sense publicize it.

  16. Spreading unsubstantiated rumors like this is completely irresponsible.

    1. Thanks for your opinion Karen.

  17. Huh spreading what.

  18. Oh I went on line and found that the village received 2.400 million in Covid relief money.

    1. Please share the link. Thank you in advance.

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